• Sustainable Economic Development:

    • Given our commitment to participatory democracy, it is the BPP’s position that we shall engage the respective industries and communities via consultation and dialogue, to ascertain their recommendations and incorporate them into a national plan of action toward sustainable economic development.

  • Engaging Industries: In keeping with our inclusionary/participatory approach toward sustainable economic development, the BPP’s strategy is to move away from the piecemeal approach that has been used by successive administrations. We shall engage the various industries, yet this shall be translated into an overall, national development plan. In this regard, we shall:

  • Put the National Bank of Belize to its proper use, by ensuring it provides low-interest loans to: farmers, fisher-folk and entrepreneurs in order to increase local investment in their respective industries

  • Create a more robust environment in which the expansion into value-added products can be: explored, developed, marketed and distributed, both locally and abroad;

  • Providing for the local market: A key component of our strategy involves (1) providing the necessary resources for our productive sector to ensure they can provide, in abundance, for the local market and (2) implementing an aggressive approach toward finding and securing niche markets to export Belizean products. Proactivity is key to this approach as considerable opportunities exist, yet unfortunately due to the lack of political will, spanning successive administrations, Belize has yet to capitalize on them.

  • Hence, our approach shall improve the prospects for: sustainable development, increased viability and overall self-sufficiency in the vital sectors of Agriculture and Fisheries/Aquaculture. The resultant, positive impacts shall also be experienced among entrepreneurs and those involved in small business enterprises and joint ventures.

  • The BPP understands the existing dynamic of the international political economy, globalization and its effects on our nation. We acknowledge the significance as to why Belize has signed on to treaties involving: CARICOM, the CSME and SICA, pertaining to economic integration and shall continue to honour them. In keeping with this construct, we acknowledge the significance of Production Integration and therefore shall endeavour to have Belize maximize the comparative advantages we enjoy, in relation to the global environment.

  • Increased proceeds derived from appropriately levied business-based taxes shall provide the funds required to institute viable and measurable programmes for those in economically depressed situations, with a view toward increasing entrepreneurial activity and the subsequent prospects for the generation of income;

  • This shall result in greater economic activity and investment in local communities, which equates to an environment with greater prospective opportunities for residents and a productive approach toward a reduction in crime and its associated ills (e.g. gangs, illegal drugs and human trafficking)

  • Fundamental to our approach, is to create a positive and enabling environment, so as to provide those who see criminal activity as their sole option, opportunities to engage constructive undertakings. This, of course, is underscored by an adherence to the Rule of Law.

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