Recognizing that a strong Educated Family Unit is the foundation for a successful Belize, the BPP shall:


  • Immediately create the Ministry of Family, Education, Sports and Culture- consolidating department of women, youth, human development and all relevant depts. under one portfolio.

  • How We Educate Affects Our Family Unit:

    • Create and introduce a spiritual value-based family curriculum in our educational system at all levels.

  • Create and offer more incentives for training in social work with emphasis on family, with competitive compensation to make this field attractive to the brightest minds.

  • Design and implement parenthood programs to prevent child pregnancy and help young mothers through the prenatal and early childhood challenges, including child care centres and support for mothers to complete their education up to the tertiary level.

  • Create and execute a public awareness ad campaign to promote a Stronger Belizean Family.

  • Support with Public Funds the existing Children Homes and establish more such Child Centres with a stronger adoption policy to expeditiously get children into homes with a family environment.

  • Enforce an expeditious child support payment plan by using Public funds to advance single parents and using the legal system to pursue and collect delinquent fathers.

  • Shift the paradigm of our current  “zero-sum” society to a “positive-sum” society, where we extol, encourage and foster success among Belizeans.

  • Create and implement more family oriented facilities and activities across the country in rural and urban settings.



  • Free Compulsory education from ABC to UB, supported by a strong truancy program.

  • Revise our Education curriculum to serve Belize, and to be relevant to our productive economic base.

  • Marrying sport with education to nurture discipline in our youths.

  • Explore regional resources (e.g. CARICOM, SICA, the Commonwealth of Nations, etc…) that can aid in the development of regimented sport clubs/academies and cultural-based opportunities & programmes.

  • Develop, construct, maintain and improve infrastructure and sporting facilities to attract international sporting events.

  • With limited land space in certain municipalities, BPP will spearhead the design and construction of multi-level sporting complexes, especially for schools.

  • Develop a facility and programs for senior citizens to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • We will establish a Family Services Committee to foster and support family enhancement and strengthening programs. The right to food, safety, healthcare, housing, and education for children will be prominent focal points in formulating government’s national development policies.

  • Establish family recreation campsites, park improvements in partnerships with Audubon.

  • Establish a Senior Citizens Activity Centre where our Golden Citizens can socialize and participate in recreation and wholesome activities.

  • In order to eliminate homelessness, establish a center to temporarily house homeless or stranded persons until they can be transferred to facilities such as HelpAge Centers.