• The BPP will ensure every Belizean receive a parcel of Land upon attaining the age of 18 years.

  • The BPP will make available and accessible Agricultural lands in 1 acre and 5 acres plots under our 'GET BELIZE GROWING' direction.

  • The BPP will enact a minimum municipal new lot size of 75' x 100' instead of 50' x 75'. This gives an additional 2,750 sq.ft for backyard gardening.

  • The BPP will support backyard gardening countrywide, in every municipality and schools. Providing seeds, technical help on how to do compost.  

  • The BPP will encourage all farmers to join newly created cooperatives that will have access to special subsidized rates and loans.

  • The BPP will emphasize import substitution, identifying those products that can immediately be produced locally.

  • The BPP will adopt appropriate programs conducive to reducing the cost of doing business for the productive sector, such as waiver of Import Duties on inputs that must be imported, fuel subsidies and subsidies for utility rates.

  • The BPP create the legislative framework and establish Worker Cooperatives in all sectors of the Economy.

  • The BPP will create an environment with incentives that shall encourage local producers to pursue value-added initiatives.

  • The BPP will ensure farmers are abreast of the benefits involving the existing agreements and protocols to which Belize is a signatory (e.g. Rules of Origin under the CSME).

  • The BPP shall support the development of the Organic Niche Market to increase the value of our products

That's Not All:

These programs will assist in regulating the market nationally while preparing the farmers to improve their export to compete on the international market. BPP will make sure the farmers are informed on the Rules of Origin under the CSME. The BPP will therefore utilize the Agritade policies for the (Caribbean: Agricultural trade policy debates and developments, 2013).  

Benefits of Treaties:

Inform the farmers of the benefits of the Protocols Amending the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas with regards to Protocol IV Trade Policy and Protocol V Agricultural Policy. Reference: Paper presented at the Salises Conference 2004, Jonathan Lashley PHD, ‘CSME: Effects on Small Business Enterprise (SBE)’.