Your Belize Progressive Party (BPP) recognises that crafting and maintaining a sound, well informed and cogent Foreign Policy is of the utmost importance, as it relates to ensuring the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is the position of the BPP to proactively assert Belize’s rightful position as an independent nation and engage in the diplomatic arena with full confidence of our place among the sovereign nations of the world.  To that end, it is the primary intention of this party to ensure that Belize’s territorial integrity is maintained and respected to ensure - “8867 Today, 8867 Tomorrow, 8867 Forever”.


Of particular significance, the BPP Identifies Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize’s sovereign territory, as paramount.  As such, our policy on this issue is premised on the foundation of: (1) Dispelling the notion that going to the ICJ is the only course of action and (2) Exploring alternative avenues toward settlement, that shall not place any portion of Belize’s territory, whether terrestrial or maritime, at risk.


Our approach is rooted in the Rule of Law. Consequently, the process first commenced by way of the bi-partisan effort which led to the signing of the Special Agreement/Compromis, must run its course, in accordance with Belize’s laws.  Hence, the question slated for the referendum, unlike the first iteration of the Special Agreement that was amended in May 2015, will be submitted to the Senate for ratification.


Inevitably one of two possible outcomes shall occur. Once it does not pass the Senate, that is where the matter of the Special Agreement (Compromis) ends and we shall embark upon a re-internationalisation of Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, in line with that which was established by way of UN Resolution 35/20 and is further entrenched in Belize’s Constitution.  


We Will Be Proactive:

This shall entail proactively engaging all our international partners in particular those in: CARICOM, SICA and the Commonwealth of Nations.


In the event the matter is passed by the Senate, accordingly it shall be taken to referendum.  Nonetheless, the position of a BPP administration shall be to maintain our staunch and justified position of “No to the ICJ”, with a view toward exploring the various avenues at Belize’s disposal, which includes ensuring the UK is reintroduced as a principle in all deliberations concerning this matter of national significance.


We acknowledge the important role the Belizean Diaspora currently embodies and recognize that their contribution to the nation’s development can be maximized, with the adoption of sound policies. The BPP is committed to proactively exploring avenues through which this can be achieved.

Develop a mechanism that shall allow Belizeans living in the Diaspora to vote in General Elections, are among the various possibilities that are under consideration.

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