• Fixed General Election Dates:

    • to be decided in a referendum to decide on the policy of a 4, 5 or 6 year term.

  • Proportional Representation:

    • The BPP will facilitate the discussion of introducing Proportional Representation for General Elections, including minimum 30% women candidates.

  • State Department to Control Power Abuse:

    • The BPP will create a State Department to be administered by the office of the Governor-General. Remove from control of the Cabinet and placed under the State Department, the offices of the D.P.P. (Director of Public Persecution), the Auditor General, the Contractor General, and the Elections and Boundaries Commission.

  • Repeal Crossing The Floor:

    • The BPP will repeal the undemocratic crossing the floor law. All elected members of the House of Representatives should be allowed to cast a vote in the best interest of the country first and, that elected official should be able to do so without reprisal.

  • Proportional Representation:

    • The BPP will amend the Constitution to give Belize an elected mixed-member, proportional representation Senate with half the members elected at mid-term.

  • Limiting Size of Cabinet:

    • The BPP will amend the Constitution to limit the size of Cabinet to a maximum of 10 ministers and place a consecutive 2 terms limit on the office of the Prime Minister.

  • Choosing Cabinet From Public:

    • The BPP will amend the constitution to allow the Prime Minister to choose his Cabinet from the public at large.

  • Back To Permanent Secretaries:

    • The BPP will restore the integrity of the Public Service by removing the politically appointed C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) position and restoring the merit based P.S. (Permanent Secretary) system.

  • Strengthen Trade Unions:

    • The BPP will facilitate the strengthening of trade unions as partners in the democratic process, to combat political victimization, patronage and social injustice.

  • Public Officers Participating in Electoral Politics:

    • The BPP will enact legislations required to allow Public Officers unpaid leave to participate in electoral politics.

  • Empowering Belizean Diaspora:

    • The BPP will facilitate born Belizeans who reside abroad in the exercise of their birthright, to vote in general elections, subject to referendum.

  • Regulate Political Parties:

    • The BPP will enact appropriate legislations to register and regulate political parties and campaign financing.

  • Controlling Campaign Financing:

    • The BPP’s position on political campaign financing is clear. In fact, we are the only political party that advocates for the need to develop strict legislation which governs this ever-so-important aspect of the political landscape. In fact, we are of the position that the corruption which plagues our nation, finds its genesis in the fact that political parties currently operate with impunity. In this regard, this shall ideally come under the jurisdiction of the intended Department of State, headed by the Governor General.

  • Ensuring Quality of Public Service:

    • The BPP will create a department for quality assurance and oversight. It will be similar to what the Ministry of Education has and will be called QAOS (Quality Assurance & Oversight Service). This committee will be autonomous by being placed under the Governor General portfolio along with other oversight committees.


  • We have a zero-tolerance for corruption. Where it exists, it shall be addressed forthwith and in an unbiased fashion.

  • Enforce the law, across the board, and in instances where inequity exists concerning the penalty for an offence, correct it; Hence our mantra to ensure the Rule of Law prevails.

  • Foster environment to create a community and law enforcement based setting to reduce and discourage criminal activities.

  • Revisit the realities associated with the Gun Law as it relates to matters of privacy and the infringement on personal rights.  Also to assess the prudence of such a law.

  • Support and promote extra-curricular and family activities to build strong communities.


  • The BPP acknowledges the significance of each of the issues listed under this heading and hereby highlights that true, not cosmetic, Political and Constitutional reform is one of the pillars upon which our party was formed.

  • All matters under this heading shall be enacted, forthwith including:

    • Sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)

    • Ensure that Belize is assessed by Transparency International (TI) via its Corruption Perception Index (CPI)

    • Immediate, as well as, retroactive enforcement of the Prevention of Corruption Act (2007), that requires elected officials to declare their assets

    • Configure and activate the Integrity Commission and ensure its continued functioning

    • The adoption of a more effective configuration of the Public Accounts Commission

    • Direct liaison with the impending local Chapter of Transparency International (TI)

    • The BPP intends to create an independent Department of State, which shall be under the aegis of the Governor General, so as to ensure that the associated functions attributed to the: Auditor General, Contractor General and the Ombudsman are not subject to any form of political influence. Therefore, the necessary works associated with its operations can be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner.

  • Removal of ministerial discretion.


SENATE REFORM: The BPP agrees to an expansion of the powers of the Senate, yet beyond that we intend to put the proposal of an elected Senate in a referendum, in the interim we shall honour the legislation that makes allowance for a 13th Senator.


IMMIGRATION POLICY: The BPP recognizes the serious issues which exist concerning Belizean citizenship and Immigration Laws and Policies and how they have been exploited by successive governments, in contravention of the law, to reap political gains at the polls. On this matter we are resolute, that the Rule of Law (especially involving the matter of Guatemalan nationals obtaining Belizean citizenship, meanwhile their country of origin persists in its unfounded claim to our sovereign territory) shall be respected and enforced.


UNLAWFUL ENRICHMENT “KICKBACK”: The BPP will immediately enact a law whereby all contracts over $10,000.00 will go out to bid. When a bid is accepted, the amount of the accepted bid, along with the three lowest bids, will be published. Such publication would expose any large attempted "kick back". This law is needed to put a stop to the mode of operation of the PUDP politicians whom support over pricing of contracts. The overpricing of contracts and "kick-backs" are an activity that drives up the cost of taxes. The amount that the construction is over-priced results in higher taxes and the rich get richer and the middle class and the poor pay the "kick back".


PUBLIC SECTOR: The BPP agrees to the review and upgrade of our Public Sector Pension Schemes, including “Increase of Minimum Pension ($200.00) monthly Review and upgrade of our Public Sector Pension Schemes, including “Increase of Minimum Pension ($200.00) monthly.


SOCIAL SECURITY: Although a firm timetable has yet to be identified concerning a comprehensive revision of the Social Security Scheme and its Contribution Rates & Upgrade of Benefits, a BPP government, upon assuming office, shall place this as a high priority, as it coincides with our recognition that the manner in which the entire Social Security apparatus is: configured, administered and utilized must be revisited.


Remove from partisan control the management of social security.