Governments usually lag behind corporations and private individuals when it comes to information technology. Current trends and business practices are rapidly evolving with an increased emphasis on using technology to streamline processes and increase transparency.


Digital Land Title Registry: Better security and helps eliminate corruption.


Increased Connectivity: Always Online = Build out 4G network of BTL to keep citizens in rural areas online especially for border patrol agents.


Increased Speeds: Increase network bandwidth with decreased pricing for residential customers.


New Programming Curriculum to High school and tertiary institutions that will focus on building IOS and Android Applications:


Increased GIS Information Collection:

  • Roll out high security driver’s license country wide.

  • Fertilizer from fecal sludge.

  • Solar/Wind power to cut importation from Mexico.

  • Drip Irrigation for Farmers.

  • Digitize Naturalization Process.

  • Online Tax Collection for business.

  • Online Social Security Collection.

  • Launch Online degree programs through UB.

  • Make copyright shorter in length, fair and flexible.

  • Track all government vehicles to reduce personal use.

  • Digital School progress for Parents to monitor kids.