• On the matter of economic, housing and infrastructural development and the expansion and protection of Belize’s national industries, especially in agriculture and tourism, first and foremost, the BPP shall ensure that all projects be subjected to the appropriate scrutiny of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), no exemptions!

  • Infrastructure for all private and public sub-divisions, shall be installed first, before any person is allowed to live within a new residential development.

  • Develop a national long-term housing master plan.

  • Implement the BPP "Belize Progressive Youths” ensuring all 18 year old born Belizeans receive a house lot upon registering as an elector.

  • Establish program that will facilitate finance for first-time homeowners.

  • Provide adequate infrastructure for housing development.

  • Set strict standards for rental housing industry.

  • Develop a national modern multi-family housing facility for all public officers, in particular to public officers that transfer away from their permanent residence, example immigration officers, custom officers, police officers etc.