DAY  # 2 


International Anti-Corruption Day  December 9

Prevention of Corruption Act 2007
Administrative Fine for Failur to File a Declaration as per Section 19. (2) d

The BPP will be publishing the list of all persons obligated to disclose their annual finances under the Prevention of Corruption Act, revised edition 2007.


We hereby request that if your name appears on this list and you did obey the law, that you kindly declare as such. If you did not follow the law, you are liable to pay the fine in accordance with POCA, which is $ 3,000.00 in the first instance and $100.00 for each day that the disclosure is late.  For failure to disclose for the year ending 2007 and up to 2015, your total fine would be $ 331,500.00.


For 2008, your fine would be $297,000.00


For 2009, your fine to date would be $260,500.00


If you were elected in 2009, you would be liable for annual disclosures or your fines will continue to compound.


This represents monies that your elected representatives ower the government and those funds hsould rightfully be used for the sustainable development of the nation.

Prevention of Corruption Act, 2007