• What We Eat Is Important:

    • The BPP will support Healthy diet by eating what we produce instead of eating what we import.

    • The BPP shall therefore immediately conduct an assessment of dangerous and unhealthy imported processed foods and ban its importation while developing affordable substitutes from home grown products. Ex. Ramen will be among the first to be banned!

  • Our Lifestyles Are Important:

    • The BPP will promote Healthy and active Lifestyles for all ages through promotion family activities that keep the body and mind alert and live! Sports for all ages; Yoga, Chess, Aerobics, walking, etc.;

  • Our Health Facilities:

    • Develop, Implement, Monitor and continuously improve the policies, standards and protocols used in all healthcare facilities in the country;

  • The BPP supports the Occupational Safety & Health Bill: 

    • The BPP will enact, establish and roll out of the “Occupational Safety & Health Bill as presented to the House of Representative. Insofar as a timetable is concerned, we believe it should be conducted as expressly as possible, yet ensuring the necessary due-diligence is undertaken, to ensure that all relevant variables and conditions are accounted for.

  • Quality Services:

    • Ensure that the quality of service being provided under the NHI is of the highest quality, so as to guarantee optimum benefit of the true meaning of NHI.

  • Our Mental Health Is Important:

    • Implementation of a psychiatric ward for each hospital, so as to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma, as well as the pathogenic aspect of psychology patients that are affected, not only by psychological trauma, but post physical trauma.

  • Implementation of a general geriatric ward, so that we can care for our elderly and terminally ill patients.

  • Quality Pharmaceuticals:

    • Ensure that all required pharmaceutical material and medication of known everyday use, be readily available upon an assessment of frequency and type of cases that require them, and must be of the best quality available (non-generic).

  • Financing for the acquisition of medications and equipment will be sourced from various international entities, in the form of donations as well as from our newly renovated economic system of productivity, and as well as the known allotted national budget.

  • Upgrading all surgical, therapeutic and imaging equipment.

  • Implementation of an autonomous quality assurance body that will represent the highest quality of service being offered to the entire public with equity being a priority. With this body, will be comprised of a known expert in the field and as well as every day patients from the general public, as to emphasize participatory democracy.

  • We will implement a structured CME (Continued Medical Education) program whereby it will consist, not only of, presentation of known cases, but will include seminars in the various specialties with more frequency, which will include presentations from various international counterparts, providing the most updated medical information on the most recent procedures. Assurance of periodic and systematic examinations of all practicing physicians, from both private sector and the public health sector.

  • Renovation and rehabilitation of the actual health (System) Facilities at every level countrywide as to relief the centralization of the KHMH subsequently decreasing the cost of running each facility, increasing efficiency and positive outcome, decreasing the percentage of malpractice by negligence and subsequently a decrease in mortality rate.

  • Implement a cyclical scholarship Program in the medical area with the objectives of directing high school students from around the country to a directed career in the medical field based on merit, to update our existent GP’s to obtain a specialty while simultaneously detaching from that dependency on the Cuban mission and turning to our own Belizeans for a true sense of healthcare independence by flooding our health system in its entirety with our nationals. Subsequently redirecting the funds from the Cuban mission to upgrading our facilities with state of the art equipment countrywide.

  • Ensure that physicians receive just compensations due and that they work under the right conducive environments as to assure a high success rate , to work out an assessment to assure the proper patient to doctor ratio as well.

  • Initiate an organ rescue and transplant program with the help of various international institutions we have already engaged.  

  • Implementation of a long overdue healthcare center in Caye Caulker, Placencia and Hopkins and implementation of a fully functional general hospital in San Pedro.

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