• Cleaning up the hotbed of corruption will be our top priority.

    • A private audit firm will be contracted to review and recommend structural changes to eliminate corruption.

    • Personnel from the National Quality Assurance and oversight department will be put in place to work directly under the Ombudsman portfolio;

  • With inclusion and consultation of our indigenous peoples, draft and enact legislations for establishing indigenous lands;

  • Supervisory body to monitor land speculation & use in larger acreage owned/leased by foreign companies & individual.



  • Improve the approval of land by a Minister in reference to how Belizeans obtain land. The process has been eroded by alleged corruption over the years and the BPP plans to rectify and implement policies that are beneficial to all Belizeans.

    • Reference: National Lands Act Cap 191 Revised Edition 2000 section 14, 17 and 27.

  • The Advisory Committee established under section 5 of the National Lands Act,  Cap 191, Revised Edition 2000, will be properly utilized and respected under the stipulation of the Law.

  • The valuation of land with reference to Land Tax Act, Cap 58, Section 7, 12 and 13 will be properly implement taking into consideration the benefits for all.

  • Limitation On Land Ownership:

    • No elected person or politically appointed person can procure land more than 50 acres of public land for farm use. This policy will be made retroactive to 1981 to rectify the land speculation and abuse of office. Reference National Lands Act, Cap 191, Revised Edition 2000, Section 13 and Aliens Landholding Act, Cap 179, Revised Edition 2000.

  • Taxation On Land:

    • Undeveloped land shall be taxed higher rate than developed farm land. Reference: National Lands Act Cap 191, Revised Edition 2000, section 13 and Land Tax Act, Cap 58, Revised Edition 2000, Sections 22-30 - We support land and tax reforms, which are in-line with encouraging Belizean land ownership, as a right, for born Belizeans.

  • Scrutiny in registration and activity of companies granted acreage especially in protected areas.

  • Empowering Young Belizeans:

    • BPP will guarantee to every young Belizean: upon reaching the age of 18, each Born Belizean will receive a 20 year irrevocable lease fiat for a house lot 75 x 100. The purchase price shall be no more than $2,000.00 payable in 20 annual payments of $100.00. The lease fiat will have two covenants: 1. Non transferable 2. Can only be mortgaged for building of a house on said property. Title shall be issued only when lot has been developed with a house.

  • Proper Land Evaluation Procedures:

    • The approval and valuation of public lands will be taken away from the Minister and put under a land distribution committee.