• Charles Leslie Jr. - Belmopan

The Abused Woman | Belize Politics

I know this woman.

For 36 years this woman bounced back and forth between her lovers, Pupy and Udup.

The first lover, Pupy, treated this woman well in the beginning, but he became proud and started to abuse to woman.

Udup has been courting the woman with all the sweet words, and treating. So, the woman decided to to give him a chance.

Udup became arrogant, and started to also abuse toe woman.

This cycle continued, where the woman bounce back between both lovers:

Pupy became greedy and started to force the woman to turn over all her assets, and he used it enrich his family and friends.

Udup became insensitive and forced the woman to mistreat her children.

Pupy used the woman's assets to start borrowing lots of money, however, helped himself, friends and family and kept the woman in poverty.

Udup convinced the woman to come live with him, once again, and he did everything to make sure she never left again.

He borrowed even more money using the woman's assets as collateral. To keep the woman sweet on him, he made sure he treated her with jewelry and taking her out to eat from time to time, with other gifts and treats to keep her submissive.

Udup made sure he did everything to scare or bad mouth anyone who tried to inform the woman about how she is still being abused and taken advantage of.

The woman has grown jaded and confused. Pupy is still making promises of the moon, sun and stars. saying that he is a changed man...

...however, the woman knows better.

Now, in 2015, Buppy came on the scene. Courting the woman. Not with promises and treating...

...but, with showing the woman he will take care of her.

He started to build a nice house, slowly and carefully, making sure he had listened to all the needs and wants of the woman and her children.

The same people who benefited handsomely by Pupy and Udup using the woman's assets to get rich and keep her poor, came to Buppy and try to pay him off to leave the woman alone...

...but, he turned then down. They tried to scare him, but he didn't back down. For he really loves the woman and her children and would never allow her to be abused anymore.

He knows how talented and valuable the woman and her children are. He knows that if he protects and builds the woman and her children, they will make everyone rich and prosperous.

This anecdote is about the PUP, UDP and the BPP, the only 3 national Belize political parties.

The branches of government in Belize has all become dysfunctional and do not serve the Belizean people anymore, but the ruling elite and their conglomerates in the special interest groups.

It is crystal clear to the BPP that the root source of the economic and social issues affecting everyone, is Belize government corruption.

What the PUP and UDP was, is long dead. They are now the PUDP monolithic abomination that has become the destroyer of 100s of thousands of Belizean children's future.

The BPP does not want to replace the PUDP. We want to build a new system that serves and benefits all. With your help, we can. Together, we will.

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