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Belize Politics Under The PUDP: Results of 36 Years of Failed Policies.

San Mateo San Pedor Belize

Family home in San Mateo, San Pedro - The Largest Tourist Destination in Belize

What are the results of the decisions of the Belize government under the guidance of the PUP and UDP over the past 36 years, post independence?

Two things to focus on:

  1. Policy Positions.

  2. Track record.

Here are some of the most importance results after almost $4,000,000,000 (Four BILLION) borrowed and spent:

  • Almost 50% poverty rate and climbing.

  • Failing health system.

  • Failing education system.

  • Guatemala now exerts ownership Sarstoon island and river.

  • No independent policy department.

  • Crime out of control.

  • Conviction rate is dismal.

  • Haiti generates more alternative energy than us

  • We export less, create less, import more and more.

And the list goes on.

It is absolutely, spectacularly insane to think that the PUDP will change.

The PUDP has long compromised what they stand for, and they are nothing now but paid Economic Hitmen against their own country and people. Traitors.

There is real hope.

Your Belize Progressive Party has been unwavering, and uncompromising in our positions, such as but not limited to, anti-corruption, good governance, unprecedented land reform policies, no to ICJ et al...

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