• Charles Leslie Jr.


A FAQ: Frequently asked question we have often encountered while travelling the country: "There is not enough time, you guys don't have experience."

The people that make up the BPP are all successful people in their own field of discipline. People who actually understand how the economy works, how policies affect people's lives. Our party chairman has 3 masters degree, one is in the proper administration of government. Our campaign manager has built, from scratch, the largest Belizean own furniture manufacturing company. Our political leader is a finance guru, he understands how our finances should operate, our money should be working for us, not us for it. We do not have politicians in our party. We have leaders. There is a difference. Unlike the PUDP whom, most of which, became successful BECAUSE of politics.

The real question is: We have been ready for 20 years. Are you, our fellow Belizeans, ready for real change that will bring a difference?

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