UDP cannot be trust. PUP is cofused.

The UDP cannot be trusted and the PUP are confused. When PM Dean Barrow was asked by the media if he intends to keep his manifesto promise of the 13th Senator, his answer was NO. The act was passed into law but awaits the PM's order to proceed. The Chamber of Commerce, Unions and social partners have been demanding that the 13th Senator be put in place but to no avail. The PUP on the other hand, as a last minute act of desperation to win the 2008 election, ordered the GG to put in place a referendum for an elected senate.

This has been the position of the Alternative Parties coming out of the Political Reform exercise. As you can see from the results below, the majority of Belizeans voted for an elected Senate. Now the PUP has flipped to supporting the 13th Senator. As usual they are confused. The BPP supports a mix member elected senate, with half being elected at mid-term. Since the 13th Senator act was passed into law, the BPP will put this in place immediately. However plans will be put in motion to hold a referendum within the first 12 months on the "elected Senate" reform proposal. This is participatory democracy at its best. Let the people decide! On Nov 4th, vote the BPP! Go Green!

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