• Charles Leslie Jr. - Belmopan

Two Important Factors to Local Autonomy

When I campaigned in Stann Creek West, majority of the villages were divided down the middle. Those who got 'bus runs' and those who didn't, for example. The hate and division could almost be seen down the middle of the villages with the naked eye.

When, just two simple, tiny change of: 1. Rolling out village by-laws to give them autonomy. 2. Guaranteed budgetary allocation.

Would create an environment where money will flow into these communities for municipal projects, investment in civic organizations etc...without people having to beg the area rep. It actually wouldn't matter who is in government, that money would be guaranteed.

These people who post up PUP and UDP flag and have not the slightest iota of why they do so, I cannot blame them, I cannot attack them, they have never seen better, just like people whom never been to 'States' and don't know what it is like to fly on a plane, soaring over the clouds.

Addendum: a few who do post up these flags, have benefited handsomely from these parties, at the cost of everyone else.

On November 4th, that little flag won't vote, banners won't vote, flyers won't vote, rallies won't vote, money won't vote, only you will vote. Vote Green and see how the plane ride feel, it feels nice, and everyone will get to take a ride, not just the 'extraordinary' Belizeans.

#udp #pup

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