• Charles Leslie Jr. - Belmopan

Fellow Agents of Change

I had an amazing week and even a more amazing evening, which showered upon my soul an epiphany. No matter what happens on November 4th and thereafter, no one can take away what we, in the BPP has accomplished.

We made history my fellow agents of change. For as long as Belize exists, there will always be a chapter that says "25 Belizean men and women, came together in less than a month and formed a national political party to challenge the pudp bipartisan dictatorship. A feat no other group of Belizean has been able to accomplish."

Being a part of that process. Being an agent of change for the BPP, makes us walkers and not talkers. I am proud of each an every member of the BPP.

I am happy and am filled with hope to know that there are still many, many wonderful, caring Belizeans, who spread love and not hate across the jewel.

To our supporters: Your support, whether cheering us on, helping us with our campaign, helping us financially, directly or indirectly, shows that you believe in our message, believe and want change for the better, for all.

November 5th and beyond, no matter what, we move forward to build an army of agents of change, and army that will destroy hate with kindness, understanding and compassion.

We don't need you to scream and make noise for us on November 4th, we just need your vote. And WILL prove, without a doubt, that you will see a Belize on a track it has never seen or been on in 34 years. Building people first, so that you can build the nation. Real progress.

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