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Ramen Noodles Linked to # 1 & 2 Killer of Belizeans

Some may find the fact that we will ban ramen noodles, facetious or funny. We, at the BPP, do not. As this video report shows, consuming ramen is linked to diabetes and heart disease. Do you know what is the # 1 and # 2 killer of Belizeans? No, it is not violence. It is diabetes and heart disease. No, this is not a coincidence.

Once we stop corruption and greed, and reform our entire social and economic system, we will be able to allow our Belizean people to eat healthy food, for cheaper. Not cheap, unhealthy food. And this is not something that will take years to happen, this can happen in a few months with the reform of our tax system on what we import, for example.

If you type in "health risks of ramen noodles" in Google, you will find about 50,000 results.

Check out this YouTube video

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