• Charles Leslie Jr. - Belmopan

The Health of Belize

Economists in progressive nations have changed the measurements of the health of a nation from measuring GDP to measuring the health of specific civic and social organizations.

Let us measure the most important ones for the capital city of Belmopan and in conjunction, the nation of Belize and see if the if the government, that has been lead by the PUP and UDP for the past 34 years (post-independence), has passed or failed: - Health system is failing the residents: GOVERNMENT POLICIES HAVE FAILED. - Education system is failing our children: GOVERNMENT POLICIES HAVE FAILED. - Crime has continuously increased: GOVERNMENT POLICIES HAVE FAILED. - Poverty has continuously increased: GOVERNMENT POLICIES HAVE FAILED. - Unemployment has continuously increased: GOVERNMENT POLICIES HAVE FAILED.

If any government administered by any political party cannot, in any meaningful and significant manner, address the issues mentioned above, they have FAILED.

We can all pretend that any meaningful change will happen under the PUDP. It won't. 34 years of failed systems and structures and hot beds of corruption, have proven that the PUDP has failed to develop the people of Belize and thus the nation of Belize.

On November 4th, you have a chance to apply changes to our capital city that has never been since since its inception 48 years ago, by voting for me and all candidates of the BPP.

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