• Frank Paco Smith

From the Chairman's Desk

For the longest time we have complained about having to choose between the "lesser of two evils". Well, that time is over, because your Belize Progressive Party-BPP has fielded 25 "Agents of Change", across all six Districts. The choice is yours to either, support the change that shall make a difference, or squander this opportunity to go back to playing musical chairs between the 'red' and the 'blue'.

In this regard, I must quote our Campaign Manager

and Belize Rural South Candidate, Bobby Lopez. Regarding the above-mentioned, "lesser of two evils", he rightfully pointed out that if you go that route, it makes no difference, because you still end up choosing "evil". Please think about it.

Therefore, on 4th November 2015, with the stroke of your pencil, you can put an end to the 34 years of kleptocratic rule by the PUDP.

Also, don't let anyone fool you, because in order to form the government, a simple majority of 16 is needed. We have 25 candidates and if the voters in those 25 constituencies do what is right for Belize, your Belize Progressive Party shall form the next government.

Make your vote count toward ending the tyranny of the PUDP.


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