• Charles Leslie Jr. - Belmopan

You Vote for a Party

Case in point:

When Walter Garbutt decided to join the UDP, he also decided that he supports all the wrongs the UDP has done, such as but not limited to: - 13 babies dead, no one prosecuted and jailed. - Mayan monument Noh Muhl bulldozed, no one prosecuted and jailed. - Pennergate, no one prosecuted and jailed. - Castrogate, no one prosecuted and jailed. - Highest murder rate, ever, in the history of Belize under the UDP administration. - A failed education system. - A failed health system. - Banks de-risked our local commercial banks because of corruption. - A health epidemic no one talks about - diabetes and heart disease killing more Belizeans than any other form of death - why? Because the government makes garbage passed off as food, imported into this country, and healthy food is becoming more and more expensive, just to enrich cronies. - and the list goes on.

Or, is it that none of these things are of consequence. Like Walter Garbutt, some of us had the chance to have joined PUP or UDP. We decided not to because of the the reasons pointed out above.

Garbutt is now in the circle, as Godwin Hulse stated, "When I was outside the team that's a different thing - I'm inside the team. So my view outside the team doesn't count. When I'm outside the team that's a different view. I'm inside the team that's how it works collectively as ministers of government."

If you think Walter Garbutt will have special privileges to do what is right even if it goes against the party line, then you need to talk to Marcel Cardona about that matter.

He will either toe the party line - accept the authority, principles, or policies of a particular group, especially under pressure - and get filthy rich and enrich his family, friends and cronies, or he will stand up for what is right and for the people of his constituents, and will find out extremely expeditiously, that he will need a hard hat like Mr. Cardona.

Wake up and stop dreaming this asinine dream that you are voting for a person in Belize, you vote for what a political party stands for. Just look at where we are as a country and as a people, and realize only the PUDP has had the opportunity to guide this nation.

Joining the PUDP parties, in our humble opinion, shows that one do not care about the damage these two mass parties has done to this country and the people.

On November 4th, you can make a change with a difference not only for Belize, but for yourself and your family, especially your children. On November 4th, you can vote green, you can vote BPP, for what we stand for, collectively, and that is a better Belize for ALL.

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