• Frank Paco Smith

From The Chairman's Desk

Belizeans and true friends of Belize,

What is the purpose and function of holding an election? Think about it for a moment.

Certainly, one is inclined to say that, "it is the day on which you elect those who shall represent you." Indeed, an election functions as a means by which to do precisely the aforementioned, yet more significantly, it is the conduit through which not only are the people's choice for representation, is chosen, but also a means by which to ensure that your issues and concerns are heard, considered and acted upon.

In effect, now that the General Election is over and Belizeans (albeit no in the most representative manner) have selected their "leaders", I pose this question to you...

"Do you believe that corruption is major issue in Belize?" If your answer is 'yes', the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) urges you to make your Area Representative aware of how you feel on this matter and also let them know that the opportunity for Belize to become a signatory to the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), remains.

We are all aware of the "clinic" days on which some Belizeans visit their Area Representative's Constituency Offices. Well, here's a suggestion. On your next visit, why not remind them of the UNCAC? For those who do not frequent those "clinic days", kindly send your Area Rep a brief E-mail and for good measure, cc it to the PM's office.

My people, only through your proactive involvement shall Belize fulfill its potential to be a model of democratic, good governance principles and practises. After 12 years, it should be fairly obvious that neither side of the PUDP divide are interested in holding politicians accountable, as it relates to matters of corruption.

Therefore, the BPP urges you to do your part and demand that Belize signs onto this very significant convention.

For the partisan among us, here's is but another tidbit on which to reflect. Why is it that only the BPP is calling for this? Here's a hint...its because the Belize Progressive Party is the only political party in Belize, that is serious about engendering a zero-tolerance for corruption.

Therefore, please keep that at the forefront of your mind, because in short order, municipal elections will be upon us and I hope that on yet another occasion on which you are able to make a substantive change to the status quo, by way of casting your vote, many shall not squander it, once again.As always, I implore you to THINK ABOUT IT...


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