• Charles Leslie Jr. - Belmopan

Police Deserve Better Facilities

When I was Chair of Placencia, in 2013 John Saldivar promised me and, then Inspector Mark Anthony Flowers, to complete the upgrade of the Police Building and other infrastructure. I had gotten a couple to donate a free building to extend office space. And with the assistance of the business community and residents, the building was lifted and construction started on ground level where more sanitary jail cells would be placed, since the current ones weren't fit to put pigs in for a night. This would have also freed up space in the current building, giving officers more office space to work etc... As of a year ago nothing has happened. I worked with the police officers closely for those 3 years. I would dig drains before I become a police officer. These poor officers spend so much time away from family, get to sleep in places barely fit for the homeless and get paid so little, it is a miracle that we don't have more issues within the police department. John Saldivar, if you have not already, please make sure the fastest growing tourism destination in Belize, get that last little push to get a semi-decent police station. Brian Yearwood (Chairman before me) and I have done a lot of the work already, with the assistance of the local community. Please focus on especially upgrading the living quarters for ALL police officers across Belize.

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