PRESS RELEASE | BPP Denounces judiciary granting bail to David Banes Schnitzer

David Banes Schnitzer

Belmopan | November 25th, 2015


The BPP hereby denounces the decision by our judiciary to grant David Banes Schnitzer, aka "David M Banes" aka "David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer", bail given the serious allegations he faces.

We further call for a full investigation into the nationality and passport that were granted to him using a false name and whether anyone else, affiliated with this fugitive might have been awarded Belizean nationality in a similar, fraudulent manner.

We trust the Director of Public Prosecution will carry out their due diligence without fear, favor or political influence, as this is but one instance which demonstrates the need for the Barrow administration to exhibit its willingness to get serious about corruption. This, of course, can be facilitated by signing on to the UN Convention Against Corruption, in the first instance.

There is now a growing list of alleged corrupt incidents that has not be thoroughly investigated, and are yet to be addressed. The BPP will be calling the Government’s attention to these issues. No more “blowing over like a breeze”.


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