PRESS RELEASE | Visit by Guatemalan President-Elect

Belmopan | November 27th, 2015


In keeping with reports that the Guatemalan President-Elect, Jimmy Morales, is scheduled to visit Belize, the Belize Progressive Party expresses its categorical displeasure with any such development.

In October 2015, Jimmy Morales said, “Belize. Why did we forget Belize. For some years now the Constitution of Guatemala says, “Belize is Guatemalan territory.” and indeed we have a territorial differendum without the desire to fight our brothers and neighbours if not with the feelings or desire to say that we do not have to lose nor waste not even one centimeter of our land. Not even 1cm of our waters, not even 1cm of that which reunites us by history and by inheritance.” Given the blatant disrespect exhibited by Mr. Morales toward the sovereign nation of Belize, leading up to, during and following the recent elections in Guatemala, the BPP views any effort to facilitate the visit by someone who has boldly expressed their contempt for Belize, is not only treacherous, but also tantamount to that of a deliberate betrayal of the trust which is inherent with that which accompanies serving as representatives of the people. In effect, the anticipated visit of Mr. Morales and the Barrow Administration’s intended welcoming of this enemy of Belize, is fundamentally a continuance of the PUDP-derived “4A Policy” of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE, where Guatemala is concerned. Although it appears as though the electorate did not, seriously, consider the significance of the GOB’s misguided and ill-informed “4A Policy”, the BPP wishes to highlight that the spectre of such intransigence looms large insofar as the well-being of our nation is concerned. Belize, Sove1reign and Free - NO ICJ!



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