• Frank Paco Smith

From the Chairman's Desk

Belizeans and true friends of Belize,

Today you go to the polls in order to elect those who shall represent you and ultimately form the next Government of Belize.

Your Belize Progressive Party has fought hard over the past several weeks toward providing you with the only viable, national alternative to the corrupt forces of the UDP and PUP, who basically have raped and pillaged this nation's resources for the past 34 years.

As Belizeans we love to complain, yet on this occasion you have a genuine opportunity, in 25 constituencies throughout this nation, to choose, not from the lesser of two evils...but to make a conscious selection through which a difference can be made. By now, you are aware of what your Belize Progressive Party stands for and, as well, what we bring to the table. Therefore, I believe all has been said.

The 25 "Agents of Change" who boldly placed themselves on the ballot have already done the challenging part. Now its your turn. If you are serious about making the necessary change, then the choice should be clear. Either you are content with the blatant: nepotism, thievery, deceit and lawlessness of what is the hallmark of both the PUP and UDP or you are ready to experience the reality of a new approach toward governing the people of Belize.

Under the political leadership of the Honourable Patrick Rogers, the BPP is poised, committed and well-prepared to truly represent the best interest of ALL BELIZEANS. We have assembled a competent and capable cross-section of Belizeans who shall take Belize and its development where it deservedly should be, on the well-intentioned path of inclusive governance for the benefit of all.

With that, I bid each and everyone, all the best and hope that the hand of the Almighty touches your heart to both recognise and understand that by supporting the BPP at the polls today, you are doing your part (which is in effect, the easy part) toward placing Belize on the proper path of Good Governance and zero-tolerance for corruption.

We pray for an incident-free General Election for the nation of Belize and in all, I thank you for supporting the Belize Progressive Party and your "Agents of Change"

God Bless Belize,

Paco Smith Chairman Belize ProgressiveParty

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