• Frank Paco Smith

From the Chairman's Desk


The much-anticipated General Election of 2015, at least for some of us, is over. As fate would have it, the incumbent UDP administration, despite its monumental transgressions involving governance and the perilous situation in which they, with a helping hand from their opposite number, the PUP, have placed the territorial integrity and sovereignty of this nation, at great risk, was returned to a third consecutive

term, by the voters of Belize.

Needless to say, I am not pleased with the outcome, but being one who holds in the highest regard, the Rule of Law, on this matter I shall say, “The people have spoken and we in the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) hear you loud and clear.” As in all things, this too, shall be taken in stride and chalked-up to a most meaningful, learning experience.

During the past, several weeks your BPP put forth a yeoman effort, involving this election...from being inaugurated on 1st October, to fielding 25 “Agents of Change” from throughout all six districts, within itself, is commendable. I salute each and every person who consciously chose to buck the status quo and place themselves on the ballot; Thus giving Belizeans a true “choice” to the lamentable two-party stranglehold the electorate allows the PUPD to possess.

Earlier I mentioned “The people have spoken and we in the BPP hear you loud and clear…”. In this

regard, what we hear is that the electorate is not, yet ready to take the required leap of faith that is necessary to realise their full potential, by placing their trust in something completely new. I liken the current political milieu in Belize to that of a child, who is in need of medication, yet puts up the utmost of fights, not to take it, although deep-down, they know it is needed.

I believe that due to over three decades of conditioning by the powers that be, our people have become the product of: a perpetual state of dependency, the ubiquitous drone syndrome and an overall state of hopelessness and its accompanying element of helplessness. In effect, the Belizean electorate demonstrates virtually the definitive, long term effects of cognitive dissonance. I discern this based on the fact that Belizeans appear to love to complain, yet when faced with the opportunity, at least some appear to be either inconsistent in their: feelings, beliefs and thoughts or, quite possibly, crystal clear in the aforementioned, as it pertains to their political persuasions and eventual choices.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are no “sour grapes” here, although admittedly, the ones derived from this election are a bit “tart”, for my palate. Nonetheless, despite the Belizean electorate fundamentally balking at what was a most unique opportunity to place their trust in the hands of something new, that being the “New Political Consciousness” which the BPP represents, we remain motivated and dare I say, invigorated because the BPP hears the Belizean people saying, “...We the voters are not, yet ready to take a chance at doing away with the: corruption, cronyism, nepotism, deceit and outright disrespect for the Rule of Law, that has resulted in Belize’s unfortunate and continued decline in stature from a kleptocracy, to that of an ineptocracy”, courtesy of the representatives of the two, major political parties".

Accordingly, it is aspired that the very same electorate understands that by virtue of our system of governance, due to today’s political exercise, we inevitably get the government for which the majority voted and some might even say…’we get the government we deserve’. Albeit a truism in my estimation, I must admit, that is a chilling thought.

Given the aforementioned is out and out, bedeviling, on behalf of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), I submit that Belizeans and true friends of Belize had better get used to us, because simply put, we intend to remain in the fray indefinitely. Therefore, leading up to the next time the election bell tolls, we shall remain active and within many respects, will do our best to haunt you, as much as possible, in order to establish the fact that ours is a generational quest, which the BPP shall endure.

In such regard, to all those who dared to vote their conscience and supported the BPP at the polls, I thank you. Little do you know, but your benevolent actions have rekindled a burning fire that shall, in due course, become an inferno that will someday capture both the hearts and minds of the majority of the electorate. It is on that day, Belizeans will demonstrate a level of political maturity, our beloved land has yet to see.

In closing, I remain hopeful that sometime in the “near” future, the old adage which is undoubtedly applicable to the current state of the Belizean psyche, which contends…”You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink”, shall no longer be valid.

With that, I shoot the following volley across the bow in saying, “Belize, your Belize Progressive Party, the BPP, shall not give-up, for you...the people of Belize, both motivate and inspire us.”


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