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Elected Officials are obligated by law to disclose their assets

Bobby Lopez | Campaign Manager | BPP

After 14 years, with less than 10% of elected persons obeying the law and with 10 years (1998-2008) of Rampant Corruption by the PUP, the law was revised by the very same corrupt PUP to strengthen "measures to prevent and combat corruption". Three weeks later the UDP is elected to office on an anti-corruption platform, promising to clean up the PUP mess! Did they? Not so! PM Barrow is not even able to appoint an Integrity Commission! With zero accountability or transparency, Belize has not been ranked on the annual corruption index for the last 7 years! The US State Dept. annual report stated: "Belize has anti-corruption laws on its books, but these laws, which come under the purview of the Office of the Attorney General, are seldom enforced." The BPP will continue to champion the fight against corruption!

No one should be above the law, not even those who make the laws.....except in Belize where not even the Prime Minister sets the right example. Since 1994, less than 10% of elected persons have obeyed this law to prevent corruption in public life.

In 2008, PM Dean Barrow was asked about campaign financing. His Response:"how can we stop the big boys from giving money under the table?" It is estimated that the UDP spent 50 million in the Nov 4 campaign. Where did the money come from? As long as the UDP and PUP refuse to declare who is giving money under the table, corruption will continue. How much did Ashcroft give? How much did David Banes Schnitzer give? "He who Pays the fiddler, names the tune!" UNCAC requires campaign financing laws be enacted and enforced! Now you know why both PUP and UDP refuse to sign the United Nations Anti-corruption convention. The BPP will observe the United Nations International Day Against Corruption on December 9th. BPP calls on all Belizeans to ACT against Corruption.

If Belize is to develop, Corruption must be fought together or we will fail together.

Download a copy of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2007

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