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GOB in negotiation to receive 4,000 Cuban refugees.

News 5 Live | December 4, 2015 - "The refugees left Cuba with the intent of making their way to the United States. They arrived in Ecuador, traveled in smaller groups through Columbia & Panama & are now in Costa Rica on transit visas after being denied entry into Nicaragua - a known close ally of Cuba - and have also now been denied entry into Guatemala. Costa Rica's media reports that the Governments of Costa Rica & Belize are in negotiation to fly the refugees into Belize. A decision is expected to be made by next week when the recently reactivated Refugee Eligibility Committee convenes. We'll have more on this story in tonight's newscast."

There are many dynamics involved in this matter, both domestic to Belize as well as our foreign relations with the Cuban government. Additionally, given the inter-related nature of all things, the implications of whatever the ultimate decision, stands to impact Belize on both fronts as well. Let us hope the Barrow Administration takes a sober look at this situation and not allow the "influence" of the nation that presumably bears the brunt of why these refugees set out in the first place, impact their decision. For certain, the proverbial diplomatic "carrot" is probably already being dangled in front of the local, powers that be and it should be quite revealing to see how they react. Again, this is a rather complex issue and given the demonstrated-lack of competency attributed to the elected person who heads the MOFA, there is no telling what direction they will take on this matter. For that reason and myriad others, this must be closely monitored.


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