PRESS RELEASE | Re: International Anti-Corruption Day Activities 2015

Belmopan |December 8, 2015


Re: International Anti-Corruption Day Activities 2015

Dear Media Houses,

On Wednesday December 9th 2015, the BPP will observe with United Nations, the 12th Anniversary of the signing of the Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

The BPP is deeply concerned that the level of Corruption in Belize has now been elevated from previous Petty Corruption of internal bloated contracts, nepotism and cronyism, to name a few, to what Transparency International now classifies as Grand Corruption. We cite the recent case of David Nanes Schnitzer, alias David Banes, who was granted Belize Nationality and Passport under a false identity. This International fugitive was being sought by US authorities for his involvement in a US 7 Billion Ponzi Scam that defrauded people across the Americas.

As a follow up to our demand for a full investigation into the Nanes Immigration Fraud, the BPP invites the Media and Public to join us at 9:00 AM, December 9th, this 12th anniversary of UNCAC, by picketing the National Assembly against all forms of corruption and calling on the Senate which will be in session, to approve an thorough investigation into this act of Grand Corruption.


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