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U.D.P. Parliamentarians Weigh in on David Nanes Schnitzer Senate Inquiry

David Nanes Schnitzer

It happened too late for much news coverage on Wednesday, but one of the highlights of the Senate meeting was a request for an inquiry into immigration corruption, specifically in regards to the David Nanes Schnitzer fiasco. The matter was introduced at close to six in the evening, and it was clear early on that no U.D.P. senator would support. In his address, new Senator Aldo Salazar stated that there is no perceivable public discontent to warrant an inquiry, while Senator Steve Duncan stated that what may be referred to as corruption in Belize would likely be classified as just a mistake in other countries. Steve Duncan, Senator, United Democratic Party “The issue is we are jumping the gun; the issue is this is premature. And while we recognize that it will look good on the resume, personal resumes; it is not something that.” Anthony Sylvestre, Senator, People’s United Party “Point of order…it is imputing the proper motives…of course you are senator. This is a serious matter of national importance and you are trivializing it to the fact or to suggest that it will look good on the resume of someone? That is imputing the proper motive, man.” Steve Duncan “I noh sure what is trivial about suggesting that somebody might have personal ambition. There is nothing trivial about that.” Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration “The law up until 2014 and I remember when we changed it, my colleague, Senator Shoman said Minister I am sorry for you. I can kinda almost quote her because it reverberated heavy on me. She said, this is like those potholes you are trying to fill. So yo fill them, soh dehn wah bounce out. So yo fill them and yo neva wah get pan top of this. That gave an additional challenge to get on top of it. my deceased friend, Bert Tucker—may his soul rest—he said to me, Godwin…it is like woodlice. Yo kill di nest and one or two get weh and it still wah pop out here and there. So how on earth you get on top of this if this is such a daunting, impossible task.” Ashley Rocke, Senator, Churches “The Church takes the privilege of applauding the minister for revoking the citizenship of one David Banes, but the church believes that burden must be brought to bear on those people responsible for the action leading up to the situation. The church believes that the C.E.O. responsible for national security and immigration ought to be brought in to question. And so the church approves this motion.” When the division of votes was called, the motion was defeated by a margin of six to five. True to form, all U.D.P. Senators voted no. Opposition senators voted for the motion and were supported by the senators representing the church and the private sector. The seat for senate representation from the unions has been vacant for the past two sittings.

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