• Charles Leslie Jr.

Merry Christmas, from the Government of Belize

The UDP won their third term in office with the slogan "The Best Is Yet To Come." However, immediately after November 4th, the Belize Electricity Limited, a state-owned entity, has already requested a price hike, and even though price for a barrel of oil on the world market has fallen again, to $35 per barrel, fuel prices has gone up.

See, my fellow Belizeans, this is the price you continue to pay by voting on emotions and self-interest, instead of on facts and results or not voting at all. At the end of the day, we all collectively suffer the consequences.

If your government invested your money wisely, cost of living should never go up, the only thing that should go up are:

  • Employment

  • More people coming out of poverty

  • More small businesses popping up and flourishing

  • Quality of health

  • Quality of education

  • Quality of security

  • Energy independence

Now, Belizeans will have less in their pockets for this Christmas because of increasing fuel prices. Travelling to spend Christmas with family will be more expensive. Your Government could have easily reduced fuel prices so that you could enjoy this Christmas with a little more cash in your pocket. However, your government know that you will be traveling no matter what the price of fuel is, and your government will make a tidy profit over this holiday, while you lose more of your spending power.

Wait! That is not the best, yet. You will more than likely meet 2016 with a price hike in your light bill.

You need to start paying attention my fellow Belizeans. You can do better than this, and you deserve better.


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