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Frank Paco Smith on newly elected President of Tanzania

Frank Paco Smith - Chairman BPP

This is outstanding! Congratulations are due to not only President Magulufi, but also the electorate who saw fit to elect a leader, with vision! Indeed, this could very well have been the case in Belize. Yet our people appear to be content with the willful dysfunction of this PUDP System. Another opportunity shall arise, for the electorate to take the leap of faith we are advocating. Maybe after the current administration's term of office is concluded, the people of Belize will have discerned that looking beyond our self-imposed confines (of the PUDP), is the only way we Belize can emerge from this quagmire. Belizeans and true friends of Belize, if you truly love this nation and want to see it progress in both an equitable and sustainable manner, I strongly suggest you take note of the attached article, for on 4th November 2015, on that day, more than ever, the power was truly in your hands.


Find the Boathouse Media article here

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