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Shame on Prime Minister Barrow - Re: Belize Prime Minister attends Inauguration of Guatemala's

Jimmy Morales & Dean Barrow

Shameful, to say the least. Yet given the track-record of the PUPD, this is not unexpected. I understand the entire concept of "diplomacy". Yet with Guatemala's insistence of pushing its unfounded claim, in particular to the extent the new Guatemalan President has consciously endeavoured to undertake, at the very least, barring not sending a representative whatsoever (which in my opinion would have been the most patriotic thing to do), as a sign of embodying some degree of national pride, PM Barrow should have sent one of his most junior ministers to attend, in the spirit of diplomacy.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, make sense from the nonsense. After becoming attuned to this, do you really believe the PM has Belize's territorial integrity high on his list of priorities?

If the contrived crises involving: the rice industry, the Port of Belize, the sugar cane industry and now the banking industry were of no indication, I urge you to take keen note of this, for what more does one need, as proof, of the willful negligence of the Barrow Administration to do right by Belize, instead of perpetuating the intentional dysfunction that is indicative of the PUDP system?

Its time to wise up and realise that the most imminent enemy of the state does not always derive from outside its borders.

As always, I implore you to kindly THINK ABOUT IT...AND TO DO SOMETHING IMPACTFUL, AS WELL.

In that regard, I remind you that whenever they come with the referendum, remember "VOTE NO TO THE ICJ"

Just a reminder, in case you may have forgotten: 8867 Today, 8867 Tomorrow, 8867 Forever!

Thank you Antonio Sanchez for sharing this item.

Original Article from Jose A. Sanchez

Belize Prime Minister attends Inauguration of Guatemala's President Jimmy Morales.

Belmopan. January 13, 2016. The Office of the Prime Minister informs the general public that Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow will depart the country today, Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 to attend the inauguration of the new President of Guatemala, Mr. Jimmy Morales. Morales, prior to being elected president, claimed Belize as a territory of Guatemala. Morales, a comedian by profession, infamously portrayed the racist character "blackface."https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly4n8UZiMYU

The Prime Minister will be accompanied by his Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Audrey Wallace and by Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado.

Upon the Prime Minister’s departure, the Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar will act as Prime Minister until January 15th, 2016. Thereafter, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development will act as Prime Minister until the return of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to return to Belize on Sunday, January 17th, 2016.

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