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Help Us Create A New and Better Product

Charles Leslie Jr | Public Relations | BPP

The people who are frustrated by what politics have become and how it has been corrupted by greedy people, must become a part of the political process to create a new paradigm that will simply show the nation that the current system is obsolete.

Apple did not need to finance a negative campaign against Blackberry or Palm, for example, it simply created a superior product and people simply stopped buying Blackberry and Palm products. Blackberry and Palm products became obsolete because they refused to change and adapt.

Those of us who see how obsolete the system is, that the PUP and UDP has created, cannot continue to simply sit on the sidelines and yell at them to create a new and better product. They won't. Why? We, the people, have been telling them for decades to create a better product, but they won't, because the current product serves them well.

We must also be cognizant that we cannot sit on the sidelines and yell and condemn those working on creating a new and better product, for you then become a part of the collective inhibitive factor - crab in barrel syndrome. What you can do is become a part of the development of the new and better product.

The new and better product is the www.belizeprogressiveparty.org. Help us to develop it, or continue to:

  1. Benefit from the current obsolete product that only benefit a few at the cost of the many.

  2. Continue to yell at the people selling this obsolete product - the PUP and UDP - to create a better product, even though they have refused to do so for the better part of 34 years.

  3. Ignore the defects and flaws of the current product, no matter how much harm it brings to you, your family and friends.

  4. Become a part of developing a new and better product that will simply make obsolete this current PUDP product.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to you.

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