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The Problem With Cronyism & It's Impact On Villages

the problem with cronyism

This cartoon depicts exactly the power the ruling party has, when in power, when there is no local autonomy over important government bodies that have appointeed members instead of elected members.

The problem with cronyism is that when applied, the Government of the day help those they consider supporters, and because of a lack of transparency and disclosure, it always ends up creating animosity among the rest of the people. The system of this country is set up, from a grass roots level, to allow, whichever Government is in power, to circumvent the true representatives of the people - the people who were democratically voted to represent the people. This very process has been a significant contributing factor in the subsequent division of our people, which its very practice, is a catalyst to animosity that has developed among Belizeans - as can be seen, each passing general election, supporters of the PUDP gets more and more violent towards each other. These are the main ways this current crony system defeat, defy and take away the democratic power of the people at village level: liquor license Board = appointed, Local Building Authority = appointed, water board = appointed, Lots/lands committee = appointed.

Let The People Vote = True Democracy & Autonomy Water Boards, Liquor Licence Boards, Local Building Authority Boards, Lots/Lands Committee Boards should be voted by the people, to represent the people, in each village. With the village council remaining the highest legal authority within each village. Currently, all these Boards, except the village council, are made up of mainly political appointees, which is just a system of control by the ruling political party, and is used to fleece the resources of villages, such as land grabs, and also used to punish those who do not support the ruling party.

By allowing villagers to elect members of these boards at the same time they vote for a new village council, it will immediately increase local democracy and local autonomy.

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