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What does PUP have to do with SSB lending a Guatemalan company $12,000,000?

Paco Smith

Bighand Banner posed this question to BPP's Chairman, Paco Smith - "While I'm 100% against all,and any kind of corruption, and all for change and good governance, kindly explain to me,how a UDP giving away/lending a Guatemalan company $12,000,000.00 of working men and women sweat and blood,have to do with PUP? I'm sure you can dig up much more recent dirts if you so chooses! Dean Barrow recently gave away $29,000,000.00 of BTL monies's because of arrogant,pettiness,and spite,not honoring a legal loan facility! Let's us focused on the now,and deal with currant nation affecting issues,and hold this government accountable for it's action! Let us hear your ideas to move this country corruption free forward! PUP not in government!"

Paco Smith response:

I'm so glad you asked that question. Fundamentally, it begins with the realisation that the PUDP is a reality. It also ties into the fact that our problems/challenges in this regard is systemic. When one looks at the Belize situation, in the context of such a construct, there is no question that all the politically-derived corruption is inter-connected and inter-related. This is so, for the basic fact that for 34+ years the two sides of the PUDP non-divide have alternated spots and taken their respective turns at fleecing this nation. I, being one who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the UDP and the PUP, irrespective of their outward appearances, share a symbiotic relationship can say this with the utmost conviction. Couple that with my vow to always provide full-disclosure is, why it is important to highlight such matters not in isolation, but in totality. The other day a guy asked me what I feel about the "change" in the PUP''s leadership and my response was, "It makes no difference who is running the ship, because the system in which it operates and flourishes, is and remains corrupt. Hence, my reference to the $3.34 million dollars that went like butter against the sun, during a PUP administration. You see, our people have a propensity to have selective memories and part and parcel of my role, in addition to providing solutions, is to be a constant reminder of all that has occurred, to have Belize in the dire situation in which we find ourselves. None of the transgressions, by either administration has been done in isolation. Therefore, whether it be the current $12 million or the past $3.34 million, it all amounts to a net loss for Belizeans, because if you recall, that $3.34 million was "excused". Do you know how many social programmes could have been implemented with those funds? The bottom line is that irrespective of our individual perspectives, from a socio-economic and political viewpoint, the acknowledgement of the willful transgressions of any entity carried out against the people of this nation must stand the test of time and remain ingrained in our national and institutional memory. Indeed, we must focus on the solutions and if you are interested in those, kindly visit the Belize Progressive Party's website - http://www.belizeprogressiveparty.org/ Yet on the same token, let us not lose sight that in five year's time, the very same entities that have intentionally mis-allocated our money (over the past 34+ years) will come to the electorate again, asking for your vote and it would be a tragedy if the Belizean people decide to change black dog fu monkey...yet again. I hope this clarifies why I make no distinction between $12 million versus $3.34 million dollars or whatever amount comprises the corrupt mis-use of the people's money. No matter how one slices it, if we are to be fair, full-disclosure within a collective context is certainly warranted. As far as I am concerned, it is only via this means, along with (as you rightfully pointed out) the providing of solutions, that Belize can effectively move forward, but I bring to your attention the need for our people to break free of the cognitive dissonance to which we have held ourselves and subsequently only see either 'red' or 'blue', as the answer. Hence the Belize Progressive Party-BPP''s championing of "A NEW POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS". You see, Big Hand, we can provide all the progressive solutions we can muster, but if the people fail to realise that supporting their chosen half of the PUPD, is tantamount to insanity, it makes our efforts all the more challenging. Hence the subtle reminder.

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