PRESS RELEASE | “Belize Progressive Party Names New Pro-Tem Executive”

Belize Progressive Party

Belmopan | 23rd February 2016

PRESS RELEASE “Belize Progressive Party Names New Pro-Tem Executive”

The Belize Progressive Party, the BPP, met in special session over the weekend in Belmopan to reorganize and reposition itself in the short and medium term for what it described as “the challenging years ahead“ faced by the Belize.

The main agenda items executed were.

  1. Confirmation of Pro-Tem Executive:

  2. Paco Smith remained as Chairman

  3. Jennifer Arzu Williams remained as Deputy Chair

  4. Hipolito Bautista: Secretary General

  5. Abdul Nunez: Deputy Secretary General

  6. Robert Bobby Lopez: Treasurer

  7. Philip De la Fuente: Deputy Treasurer

  8. Charles Leslie Jr.: Public Relations/Campaign Manager

  9. Javier Molina: Deputy PR/Campaign Manager

  10. Ex officio non voting members:

  11. Patrick Rogers: BPP Political Leader

  12. Wil Maheia: BPP Deputy Political Leader

During these deliberations,The BPP reactivated its team to lead the ICJ campaign. The executive reaffirmed its NO position on this national issue.

The new Executive approved a ten year lease of a property at the corner of Vernon and Partridge Streets in Belize City to house the BPP’s headquarters, with effect March 1st., 2016. Refurbishment work would begin as early as next Tuesday, in preparation for an official inauguration on FRiday, 4th of April 2016. Members and supporters of the BPP shall be invited to participate in this development undertaking.

A news bulletin, “THE PROGRESSIVE”, will be launched in May and a BPP “internet” radio channel shall be introduced in June this year.

The BPP special meeting ended with a pledge to complete its Ten Year Strategic Development Plan, by August 2016.

In conclusion, the BPP recapped the Party’s 100 days since November 4th, 2015 General Elections. You can find the recap in its entirety on our website blog.


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