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Re: "Foreign Minister says Relationship with Guatemala Remains Cordial"

Chairman of the Belize Progressive Party, Paco Smith, responds to Foreign Minister of Belize stating that "Relationship with Guatemala Remains Cordial."

Since the dawn of time, there have been those who stand for truth and justice. Simultaneously their proverbial "opposite number" has co-existed. Those within the latter category are the ones who purposefully manipulate the truth, and use deception to cloak their willful negligence.

Hence, throughout the millennium, the fact is that "right" and "wrong" are a reality. Juxtapose this universal truth to the Belize context and you have the pure embodiment of "WRONG", in the form of none other than the supposedly "Honourable" Wilfred Elrington, as it relates to the handling of Guatemala and its blatant aggression toward our sovereign nation.

Given what transpired over the weekend, during the Belize Territorial Volunteers scheduled excursion down the Sarstoon River, which incidentally was captured on video, by local news stations, irrespective of one's political affiliation, if you love this nation and stand on the foundations of "truth and justice", I dare say that the logical conclusion is that our Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with any and all within the GOB who support his assertions, are all traitors.

I gave reference to the expanse of history, during which "right" and "wrong" has persisted. Well, during that period, there have been a variety of ways through which those were deemed to be an "Enemy of the State", were dealt with. Several come to mind. These include: public flogging, being tarred and feathered, being subjected to the cat o'nine tails, being drawn and quartered and other forms of public humiliation/discipline.

In that regard, after watching the pure bull-shit that our Foreign Minister spewed during his interview, I can safely say that I am at a loss as to whether any, one, of the aforementioned forms of punishment is suitable for his level of treachery. I say he is "deserving" of all...and then some.

To the people of the Pickstock Division, I say to you, "Is Elrington's warped view, truly representative of what you voted for?" It is beyond my conceptualisation, following his unbridled and intentional disavowing of what the BTV experienced, that anyone would stand in support of that imbecile.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, what Wil Maheia and those who accompanied him over the weekend, experienced is no laughing matter. It is real! Multiple gunboats of the Guatemalan Armed Forces (NAVY) were in Belize's territorial waters and forbade Belizeans from traversing the Sarstoon River, which is recognised by our Constitution as forming southern border of Belize.

In keeping with the sage words of the Hon. Phillip S.W. Goldson, the Belize Progressive Party - BPP, as well as the Belize Territorial Volunteers - BTV have said it, on a consistent basis, that "THE TIME TO SAVE YOUR COUNTRY IS, NOW, BEFORE YOU LOSE IT."

Based on the unabashed actions of the Guatemalan Military, it is clear they are exercising authority over territory that is unquestionably ours. What are you going to do about it? Do like an ostrich and play as though all is well. Or are you going to take a stand and demand that the GOB take definitive action, on all levels to ensure a halt to this blatant incursion by the Guatemalan Military?

As I said before, THIS IS REAL AND ALL TRAITORS, in particular the ones who make no bones about it, MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TREACHERY and we must start from the top!

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