• Paco Smith | Chairman | BPP

The UDP and PUP are Highly Compromised

The unfortunate reality is that, based on their respective and collective actions or lack thereof, it is clear that both the UDP and PUP are highly compromised on this issue of national importance.

Since the signing of the Compromis, it was made clear that both have a vested interest in taking this matter to the ICJ. The sticking point is that both aspire to have the upper-hand or better yet, be in control if and when the matter comes up for consideration. That is why we see the constant filp-flopping of the PUP, in this regard.

In my view (which is staunchly "NO to the ICJ"), with both the two, traditional political parties being absolutely wrong on this issue, coupled with the fact that (1) the Belizean people have not yet demonstrated sufficient interest in this matter to take the necessary action, (2) they (the Belizean people) fundamentally, always look toward an entity (albeit political or otherwise) for guidance on such issues and (3) the BPP has been right on this issue from the onset, it is our duty to take this approach toward galvanising the people.

Quite honestly, I view this as a matter of leadership and integrity versus the unmistakable absence of it. It is clear that no other entity has the: unmitigated conviction, wherewithal, nor the moral suasion to take serious and meaningful leadership on this issue. If any existed, they would have stepped to the forefront by now.

It is for these and a myriad of other reasons that I cannot side with the perspective that might espouse that a political party may not be the best means by which to put forth this effort.

Given the underlying circumstances, I agree that those political parties which are compromised, namely the UDP and the PUP, are not fit to tackle this issue. Yet, in the case of the BPP, I make no apologies for utilising the resources, commitment and wherewithal available to the entity, as a means through which to advocate for maintaining (and given the recent developments) re-gaining sovereign Belizean territory, defending our borders and ensuring that the entire 8,867 sq miles of our national patrimony remains, precisely that.

Of note, the BPP stands ready to work with any Belizean or true friend of Belize, who understands the gravity of this situation and is willing to lend their: insights, support and expertise in this effort.


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