Belize Progressive Party Solution To Belize Guatemala Dispute


Presented by: Patrick Rogers | Leader of the Belize Progressive Party

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is not Belize's only option and it should not be tabled as Belize's only option.

The PUDP has done everything in their power to confuse Belizeans on the Belize - Guatemala Territorial Dispute.

We will break it down in bullet points so that you can easily understand the Belize Progressive Party's proposed solutions to the Belize - Guatemala Territorial Dispute.


Step 1: The Compromis document is not legal until it goes to the legislative arm of government to be ratified like every other treaty that every government signs on to.

  • The laws of Belize clearly states that any treaty the executive signs on to needs to go to the Senate for ratification. That is the LAW.

  • If this compromis is killed at the Senate without getting it ratified, or we kill it at the referendum when it's put to the people, it is the same as saying "We do not want to go to the ICJ."

We then have to find other steps to go to, what is that other step?

  • Guatemala will have to figure out that other step. We are not claiming Guatemalan territory, they are claiming Belizean territory. Thus, we have no reason to be pursuing this matter.

  • Guatemala will be the one to find the need to go to the UN Security Council and say "This matter needs to be resolved. Please hear it because the people of Belize does not want to take it to the ICJ."

Step 2: We go to the UN Security Council.

  • They will be mandated by their own charter that gave us independence.

  • They will ensure that whatever it is determined as a settlement does not include Belize ceding any territory.

  • UN sanctioned Belize's independence with our territory intact.

  • The Security Council and the UN is not about to go and make a conflicting judgement that would allow Belize to cede territory to Guatemala.


  • Why haven't the Belize Government taken this issue and internationalize the aggression that we are facing from the Guatemalan armed forces?

What is the "Out" for Belize?

  • The "out" is for England to compensate Guatemala, pursuant to article 7 signed in 1859, which have a Compensatory Clause, and England was willing to pay on two different occasions.

  • England acknowledged it as such, but did not want to pay $70,000 Pounds in 1862, she only wanted to pay $50,000 Pounds.

  • That was an admission that England needed to compensate Guatemala.

  • In the 1940's Guatemala once again agreed to accept $400,000 Pounds and this thing is settled. Guatemala basically said to England - If you do not want to give us $400,000 Pounds, then we are willing to give you $400,000 Pounds and buy you out of this territory. England refused this option as well.

  • Guatemala knows well, that if we go to the ICJ or the UN Security Council and do not allow the ICJ to rule that we cede land, the ICJ will be able to say - "You know what Belize? Guatemala was done wrong by England and need to be compensated."

  • Then it will work on figuring out how much is to be paid to Guatemala.

The Problem with the current approach to ICJ:

  • This option of monetary compensation is not being presented to the ICJ Judges as an option to rule, if Belize lose. All ICJ is given is - "Belize, you have to cede land if you lose."

What Needs To Be Done With The Compromis:

  • ICJ does not have this authority until we give that to them (See Step 1).

  • The Compromis needs to go to the Senate so that the public can give its input.

  • We then make sure the clauses are amended so that the judges at the ICJ have the option of ruling Monetary Compensation in the event Belize loses.

The PUDP will continue to do everything to confuse you. The PUDP is more concerned about making millions in legal fees going to the ICJ. The PUDP are in bed with Guatemalan special interest groups who are in bed and are owned by international corporations who want their greedy hands on Belize's resource.

We are in the process of losing our country. Let us save it before that happens. Join the BPP. We will never sell out Belize. We will never compromise our nation's and our people's sovereignty and resources.

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