One Month from Today is the Biggest Political Milestone in the history of Belize!

We already made the first huge step on March 1st, 2016 when we officially signed a 10 year lease for our National BPP Headquarters in Belize City.

We are in the process of upgrading and preparing the building to be occupied by our Secretariate by April 4th 2016. However, we need your help to hit this historic milestone. The Future of Belize depends on it.

Will you donate $10, $50, $100 our more to to help us to reach our budget of $6,000BZ? It's easy.

Options to donate:

  • Within Belize: Deposits can be made directly to Scotia Bank account: 1930242. Please make check payable to Robert Lopez.

  • Credit Card Payments: Fill out our form, here, and payment can be made via PayPal.

  • Within the United States: Deposits can be made directly to

  • Bank Name: First Century Bank

Routing (ABA): 061120084

Account Number: 4011075831777

Account Type: CHECKING

Beneficiary Name: Charles Leslie

  • NOTE: Both Robert Lopez and Charles Leslie are authorized to collect funds for the Belize Progressive Party.

Belize Progressive Party members and volunteers workign on cleaning up the BPP Headquarter's new property.

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