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Belizeans, this is no time to be politically correct

Dear Sir: Belize is under siege, not only from outside, but also due to seemingly subversive elements from within. For those who disagree with me on this matter, I trust it is obvious that we must agree to disagree, because I shall not allow the fact that someone is a conscript in Belize's armed forces to influence my perspective on this matter of national security. Guatemala is advancing rapidly with its unfounded territorial claim by way of: (1) using strategic and cunning moves which are being woefully facilitated at every turn, by Belize’s elected representatives, (2) enhancing their physical presence and administration over sovereign Belizean territory via the use of its military apparatus, with no reprisal from the OAS and (3) using its diplomatic services to make its case to the international community. Meanwhile, Belize’s political directorate and their primary conscript, act as if Belizeans who are willing to stand up for all that is Belizean, that being our: territorial integrity, national patrimony, and sovereignty is tantamount to committing a crime! In this life, there are certain universal, fundamental truths which, in my train of thought, cannot be superseded. Among them is the fact that the Almighty has imbued most of us with five senses and irrespective of whatever oath, one has taken and the subsequent perspective that the particular individual chooses to apply to a specific situation, the fact remains that the prudent delineation of the facts, irrespective of how it is spun, cannot be denied. Case in point, the leaked Belize Defence Force Threat Assessment regarding GAF movements along the Sarstoon River. Some gave me grief, when I pointed out that the head of the BDF is "the ideal soldier" and that is their prerogative. Yet, following his interview via a newscast on 22nd March 2016, I could not help but further highlight my point. Actually, the point I shall make goes a bit beyond highlighting that which is already obvious. It actually might shed some light on yet another possible dynamic as well. To begin, I shall say that my perspective on Brig. Gen. Jones has not changed. His "actions", thus far have buttressed what I meant when I described him as "the ideal soldier". He takes orders, without question. Of course one could argue that "he has no choice, given his position" and to that I, once again refer to the age-old defence that was echoed throughout the post WW2 Nuremburg Trials, in which Nazis from top to bottom, upon being held accountable for their actions, cried out that they "were just following orders". With that said, I wish to share with the Belizean public that despite Brig. Gen. Jones' apparent displeasure with the fact that the document was leaked to the media, no matter how you slice it, the facts remain the same -- the prime minister, the minister of foreign affairs and the brig. general lied, when they tried to place the blame of agitating the Guatemalans on the BTV. That threat assessment report bears out this fact and unless one is gullible enough to believe that the report (dating some ten years ago) is fake. Hopefully, that sounds a bit far-fetched for most of us, but given the bold-faced, insidious nature in which these pseudo-intellectual politicians and their minions (whether in uniform or otherwise) operate, they more than likely would go so far as to possibly insinuate such a possibility. After all, is it not the modus operandi of Belize's traditional politicians to insult the intelligence of the electorate by telling you something that is obviously untrue, yet they expect one and all to fall in line, like good soldiers, and not question their warped perspective. I make no bones about it. All three of them lied and the fact remains that if the Belize Territorial Volunteers did not persist in its earnest efforts to attune and sensitise the population as to the real situation on the ground, at our southernmost border, no-one would be all the wiser. The PM, his Cabinet and the Brig. Gen. would have continued their intentional deception and much like what I suspect also accompanies their illogical push to go to the International Court of Justice, many more things have yet to be uncovered. Therefore, to those who take issue with my calling out the Brig. General, I say to each his/her own. The bottom line is that, as I mentioned earlier, irrespective of whatever oath one has taken, the fact remains that amid your God-given five senses, you consciously took that oath and likewise those five senses were also part and parcel of the decision of whether or not you willingly chose to deceive the people of this nation. No matter what manner of ill-fated spin-doctoring those principles attempt concerning this matter of national significance, this exposé revealed that: (1) each of the aforementioned, intentionally lied concerning the matter, (2) each of them sought to perpetuate that lie, (3) had the BTV not persisted in its earnest efforts to sensitise and attune the nation to the realities on the ground at our southernmost border point, we would not be all the wiser, (4) the aforementioned individuals are not to be trusted and (5) the situation in the South is far graver than we think. Hence, I reiterate my characterisation of the Brig. Gen. as having no credibility concerning this matter and I stand by it. In that regard, based on his continued persistence, in keeping with the potentially new dynamic to which I alluded earlier, it is telling at least for some, just how reminiscent the general’s actions are to those who are his political bosses. So, for all who have eyes to see, a nose with which to smell, ears with which to not only hear... but to listen and a mouth with which to speak the truth, I implore you to not allow these individuals, who have proven the untrustworthiness, to continue to influence your rational train of thought. They lied... Point blank! There is no question about it and, to boot, they lied intentionally. Think about it. If they are willing to lie at such a level and in such fashion, what else are they willingly not tell us, concerning the matter of Guatemala's intransigence and increased aggression? Might this be why information coming out of Belize concerning this extremely serious matter of national security has not been forthcoming and subsequently, not shared with our media colleagues in the region? This is serious business and if you are willing to be honest with yourself, it should become increasingly clear that amid the PUDP's failed "4A Policy" of: appeasement, acquiescence, accommodation and adherence, we are being led by a 'brains-trust' that is undoubtedly: impotent, informed-not (aka uninformed), ineffective and insidious. I say again, this is no time to be politically correct. Just as the Brig. Gen. has his job to do, so do I. Mine is not to blindly take and fulfill orders from a corrupt, inept and compromised political directorate. Mine is to speak truth to power and whomsoever disagrees with my perspective, we shall simply have to continue to agree to disagree, respectfully. I am not big on famous quotes, but I believe there is one that is attributed to HIM Haile Selassi I that states, "Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph." It is within that consciousness, I submit to Belizeans and true friends of Belize (both at home and abroad) that we must: (1) remain vigilant in our efforts to protect our patrimony, (2) continue assiduously in conducting our due diligence, (3) commit to holding every single person in positions of authority accountable for their action/inaction, (4) place the well-being of our nation before any other form of allegiance and (5) be prepared to make serious sacrifices in pursuance of maintaining and where necessary regaining all of Belize's sovereign territory. Our belligerent and bellicose neighbour to the west, Guatemala, has been emboldened by individuals in positions of authority and influence, in Belize, who undoubtedly not worthy of the people’s trust and who appear to be compromised. It is a scenario reminiscent of the proverbial Fifth Columnist, well in-line with what Gen. Emilio Mola Vidal meant when he coined the term during the Spanish Civil War. Yet within the Belize context, based on that which has thus far been revealed, it is even more dire, for this cancerous element is apparently widespread and assertive in pressing their misguided and ill-fated efforts. As with all matters involving Belize’s territorial integrity, I quote the foremost champion of Belizean nationalism, the Hon. Phillip S.W. Goldson, in which he said, “The time to save your country is (now), before you lose it.” 8867 Today, 8867 Tomorrow, 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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