PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Condemns the Shooting of BDF Soldiers By Illegal Poachers"

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Belmopan | March 29th, 2016


“BPP Condemns the Shooting of BDF Soldiers By Illegal Poachers”

Your Belize Progressive Party (BPP), condemns in the strongest terms, the shooting of a Belize Defence Force (BDF) soldier, over the Easter Holiday, whilst on patrol in the area of Caracol. There is very little doubt, the perpetrator is a Guatemalan who was conducting the illegal and destructive activity of poaching, in sovereign Belizean territory. This is not the first time our security personnel have encountered hostile usurpers and have been subjected to risking both life and limb, in defence of Belize’s laws and statutes which are designed to maintain a balance of our wildlife and biodiversity. That is but one aspect of this issue, for the underlying concern is the constant transgression of Guatemalans illegally crossing our border and thus lending to the increased concerns involving Belize’s national security. With the advent of Guatemala’s unprecedented signal of their expansionist intentions, by claiming all of the Sarstoon River, it is clear that the situation has escalated. We must redouble our commitment and resolve to defend our nation on all fronts, whether it be on the frontline, in solidarity with our security forces or by way of holding our elected officials accountable for their willful negligence in handling Guatemala’s intransigence. To this end, the BPP reconfirms its commitment to supporting our security forces in keeping our nation safe and secure, meanwhile calling out the Dean Barrow administration for its negligent handling of Guatemala’s transgressions against Belize. The Barrow administration’s impotence has thereby, inevitably done nothing to minimise the potential for such unfortunate and untenable incidents such as that which occurred this past weekend.

Our prayers remain with the injured BDF soldier, as we recognise his bravery and salute his commitment.

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