PRESS RELEASE | "Prevention of Corruption Act Deadline for Disclosure"

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Stock Image | PUDP are actual thieves since they refuse to pay the fines they owe

Belmopan | March 31st, 2016


“Prevention of Corruption Act Deadline for Disclosure”

In keeping with the Belize Progressive Party (BPP)’s commitment to ensuring the Rule of Law prevails, we remind all persons elected to town and city councils, House of Representatives, Senate and the Speaker of the House that today, March 31st is the stipulated deadline date for submission of annual financial disclosures for 2015. You are further reminded to pay all fines for arrears in accordance with section 19. (1) and (2) a,b,c, of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Your BPP further reminds the Prime Minister that his willful negligence in failing to appoint members to the Integrity Commission in accordance with Part II, section 3. (2) is totally unacceptable and is duly noted as being consistent with his failure to sign on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), all of which shall remain the hallmarks of the successive GOB administrations under his “leadership”.



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