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Re: Will Guatemala Change its Position on Sartoon?

Paco Smith

Paco Smith responds to Channel5Belize Question: Will Guatemala Change its Position on Sarstoon?

Belizeans and true friends of Belize,

I invite you to pick sense from the nonsense that persists via the PUDP's FAILED "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE concerning the blatant aggression by Guatemala, toward our nation's territorial integrity.

Let me set the scene for those who are probably living in their myopic realm of PUPD-infused delirium.

Guatemala recently made a public pronouncement that the Sarstoon River is theirs....point blank! The response of the Dean Barrow-led government was tepid at best. Thank God CARICOM's was more forceful. In any event, Guatemala defiantly continued in its defiance by rebuking the protest notes.

Fast forward to this past week and here you have the GOB, via its PUDP representatives attending a supposedly "high level" meeting in the so-called "adjacency zone", with their Guatemalan counterparts.

First and foremost, by virtue of their attending the said meeting, is testimony to their lack of understanding concerning their enemy. Yes you read correctly, I consider the Guatemalan Government an enemy of the state!

In contrast, the "brain trust" at Belize's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, despite Guatemala's incessant intransigence, somehow continues to refer to them as "peace partners", which is beyond all reasonable conception.

In any event, beyond the diplomatic snub, by the Guatemalans, of not sending their top military leader, the Belize delegation who I liken to that of bumbling keystone cops, continue to: embrace, commend and grin like a bunch of stupefied Cheshire Cats.

Also culpable in this debauchery is the OAS, in that amid the unquestioned illegal and blatant Guatemalan aggression involving the Sarstoon River, they allow the Guatemalan Foreign Minister to sit there and talk about his country's intent on finding a peaceful solution! Albeit I am incensed with the OAS, I am triply so, with the Government of Belize and the Opposition PUP, for making Belize look like a bunch of jack-asses.

As I watched the video of those out-of-touch representatives and I feel assured in affixing the term "traitors", to them as well, I thought to myself, "What must be running through the minds of the Guatemalan representatives? They must be saying to themselves, 'My God these ****ing people are as timid and more-so stupid as they come, for we have summarily taken away their access to the Sarstoon and yet the continue to embrace us as though we are their best friends."

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, irrespective of your political leanings, can you please attempt to pick sense from this nonsense? The art of "diplomacy" as practised by the PUDP has demonstrated itself as being a complete failure. Yet they persist. The Guatemalans clearly have the upper-hand in this effort, yet our so-called "leaders", continue as though they have some semblance of a handle on the ever-eroding situation. What will it take for the Belizean people to understand that those who are "handling" this matter are a complete and utter failure?

The time is NOW, to save this country before we lose more of it. The most recent loss is our free access to the Sarstoon River. What is next?

Again, I invite you to pick sense from the nonsense and kindly DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

You can start by supporting the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV), as they embark on yet another voyage to Sarstoon Island on Saturday, 30th April 2016, which is the 157th Anniversary of the signing of the 1859 Treaty to which the UK and Guatemala agreed on the border between what is now Belize and Guatemala.

By now, I would hope it is obvious that the bi-partisan PUPD effort to address Guatemala's unfounded claim and ever-increasingly aggressive posture, is a complete and utter failure. I therefore ask, "How shall we proceed?"


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