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Belize Ruling Elite Class

If you were the head of the ruling, elite, ownership class in Belize, what would you do to preserve that system?

Here are the steps you would need to take:


You would do your best to make sure the public is as uninformed as possible. Make sure you spread decadence. Make sure alcohol is sold cheap, make sure alcohol is cheaply and readily available at community events and public locations, such as parks. Also, make sure the police don't monitor underage drinking too much. This is easily done, just don't bother getting the police reprimanded, too much, when they fail at their jobs. Oh, make sure you start selling with sex. Sex sells.

You want to make sure that the young people are as jaded and uninformed as possible. Remember, they are the majority, if they wake up, you are in serious trouble.

Have lots of holidays, make sure that people are always in celebration mode. You don't want too many productive people. This will condition them to not work hard and be dependent on the "system". We want them to work hard enough just to make enough to look forward to the weekend so they can get away from work and party.

You want to do your best to eliminate as much independent, logical, causal, scientific thought as possible.

Case in point: In May 2013 the Inter-American Development Bank released a report named – “Challenges and Opportunities in the Belize Education Sector”. The report stated – “Belize is paying a lot for education but getting little. More youth are outside the school system than in it and many fail to make the transition to the workforce. More and more youth drop out of school and become involved in gang activities. Action is needed if Belize is not to lose a whole generation of youth."

"In addition to outdated instructional models and materials still in use, teachers rely heavily on presentation and repetition, particularly in the area of math, where procedures, drills, practice and memorization of concepts are often combined. As a result, students are too consumed copying from the chalkboard and entering numbers into formulas instead of participating in activities that may aid in the development of analytical and critical-thinking skills. Clearly, the multi-ethnic diversity of the Belizean society is not reflected in the curricula. Subsequently, students do not engage in the lessons being taught because they are not specialized to meet their distinct needs."

Your plan worked perfect. Destroy the family unit and education, you destroy the youth. Once the youth losses hope and starts self-destruction, you don't have much to worry about in preserving your system.


You will want to make sure that the middle class stays in debt. When people are in debt, they get depressed and their attention span is only as wide as survival. The middle class is the one that can really give you lots of problems, since they are fairly well educated. However, most will be in debt and their spirits will be significantly dampened. The last thing they will worry about is to rock the boat.

Just make sure that you never get laws passed to protect people. Laws such as Truth in Lending laws, Usury Laws, Predatory Lending laws etc. The banks will be your best friends when it comes to moving around money, especially during election time. Also, this will benefit you and your rich buddies, since many Belizeans will go into loan defaults - by design - and you will be able to buy up prime Belizean real estate in places like San Pedro and Placencia, for pennies on the dollar.

Case in point: I barely could stop laughing, because you setup the system how you liked, and the Belize Progressive Party couldn't even open an account to put its measly $70,000+, and your PUP and UDP moved around more than 70 million dollars for the 2015 general election, lol.


To further reinforce your initiative, you would need to push and reward a belief system that supports a passive obedience. A belief system that is stubborn, irrational and promotes closed thinking. So, make sure you promote superficial materialism underpinned by objectivism aka self-interest, this will become super helpful in this circumstance.

If people are groomed to be obedient and follow blindly, the almighty dollar, they are ripe to extend that obedience to others who claim authority and has the dollars to back it up, such as vote buying and political patronage.


Next, it is critical you recognize a unique sociological characteristic of the human condition. Something we will call the Herd Psychology. This is the tendency for people, when faced with mass appeal, to often behave in extremely thoughtless and malleable ways. "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay.

Election day can be considered a feeding frenzy of $50 dollar and $100 dollar bills, free food and drinks, bus rides and red and blue t-shirts. So, don't worry, you have lots of money, therefore you will have this step covered.

This herd psychological tendency is not only very useful for implanting and guiding

perceived issues of importance, it is also critical in setting rigid limits of debate. This strategy is designed to create the tendency for those who question the status quo's narrative, to be ostracized and rejected by the herd itself.

Case in point: The Belize Progressive Party has formulated a viable alternative to going to the ICJ, however that alternative is yet to be incorporated into the national debate by the government and key organizations. That means your money and resources has successfully made sure that the PUP and UDP are ceremoniously invited and embraced with open arms to spread the word that going to the ICJ and risking half of Belize, is the only way.

GOB is making sure that they are blaming Wil Maheia and the BTV for antagonizing

Guatemala, and the herd has not paid much attention to the leaked documents proving that the Guatemalan Armed Forces has been aggressing our BDF soldiers since 2005.

Remember, probably the greatest way to control human thought is to establish a deep fear of social rejection and political victimization, and associate that fear with culturally taboo subjects.

Case in point: You have successfully made sure that the herd got it in their heads that those pesky "third" parties can never make a difference if only a couple of them gets into the House of Representative, so only a few people voted for them, even though their ideas can radically change Belize for the better. However, you can't afford to have majority of Belizeans living well, because you will not be able to control them and keep getting rich, while having them stay poor and pay for all these loans being borrowed.

You need to pay attention to something important, though, because on October 1st, 2015, the three most active, pesky third parties joined forces and formed a national political party called the Belize Progressive Party and managed to get 25 Belizeans, in less than a month, to challenge your November 4th, 2015, General Elections, and how dare 2,336 Belizeans voted for them. And check them out man, they are still are around. I thought they would have disappeared already like those pesky third parties are known for. Anyways, back to your plan of control and manipulation and getting more filthy rich.


Now, you need to make sure some specific safeguards are in order. Basically, you need to make sure that those unwanted candidates from those pesky third parties are unable to get anywhere near major outlets for public digestion. And if they do, you need to make sure they and their "great ideas" are treated with disdain. How do you do that? With money, of course. Spend those millions in political ads, and make sure the ruling party who controls the people's coffers, spend, via the Government, millions throughout their term in office, and the media houses will be your best buds, and they will play their role to keep the status quo, no worries.

Case in point: The pesky BPP basically had a media block-out leading up to the November 4th, 2015 General Election, since you made sure that the PUDP spent millions in political ads and they only raised a measly 70 odd thousand dollars for their campaign.

Fools, they didn't want to take that special interest money. Also, your money is doing a good job keeping the pesky BPP's alternative to going to the ICJ from being a major part of the public discussion. You have very lucrative benefits caused by the Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute.

I think you got a good control on the public dialogue for this Guatemala thing. Even the unions and churches have not embraced the BPP and their alternative to going to the ICJ. And you know what, those guys from BPP, like Paco Smith and Patrick Rogers, actually are right you know.

Check this out my friend, from 2000 the "Final Report of the Belize Political Reform Commission - 2000" Clearly states in Chapter 2: Summary of Findings and Recommendations - lack of regulation of political parties and campaign financing. And your money and power made sure that the PUDP have not enacted any legislation 16 years later. Your strategies have worked almost flawlessly. Greed will always be your friend.

The herd can't even recognize that what this does is it removes any regulative fairness of expression, especially for those pesky third parties. Therefore, whoever has the most money - you - has the most resources, and hence effect. Basically this gives you the resources to buy mad ad space, drowning those pesky third parties in the media.


Now, with those broad measures in place, it is still important to control the basic unfolding of the electoral process from start to finish. The best way to do this is to create a false duality. The illusion of competition between the PUP and UDP - hey, lol, you know that fella Patrick Rogers from BPP was right you know, when he coined the term PUDP.

You need a two party system that constantly argues with each other in general, but still uphold the elitist policies you need to maintain your advantage. The beauty of this dominant two party farce is that it not only gives the public the needed illusion of choice, it more importantly oppresses those upstart and pesky third parties.

As you know, those annoying self-righteous third parties have been trouble makers from day one. Remember that darn Philip Goldson and his "The time to save your country is before you lose it blah blah blah" and he fought so Belize did not make any agreements with Guatemala? Rememeber those Guats are your buddies, especially if you want to continue getting rich.

Goldson was trouble, and now these BPP fellows have picked up where he left off, and their darn alternative to going to ICJ, which can actually work, is much better than your strategy to go to ICJ, which will risk half of Belize. But you can't worry about that, you need to make sure the lawyers that protect you and your rich buddies make those millions in legal fees.

So, you need to be vigilant. You need to make sure the public get so accustomed to the two party dictatorship, that they don't even mind if the two party's are given direct control over most of the electoral process itself. The freedom to manipulate everything. You need to make sure that your Elections and Boundaries Department is not an independent body, this way you can place your people inside. Make sure the police department is not an independent body either, your people will need to be there as well. That way you don't have to worry about those pesky third parties and their annoying complaints about rules and laws and the Representation of the People's Act. So annoying.

However, nothing is perfect and you can't be too careful. Good old fashioned, time-tested tactics are needed. Nothing is as old fashioned as good old electoral fraud. Remember, you control who prints the ballots, who control the ballots and who counts the ballots, well, you control who count the ballots before it is officially counted anyways, LMAO.

But, don't worry about people paying much attention to this, election time is like Christmas for most Belizeans, they get free shirts, bus rides, food, booze and a little pocket change, the rest of the time, they are too busy worrying about how they will survive, and the media, well, they won't bite, too hard, the hand that feeds them.

Case in point: You were instrumental in making sure the PUDP voted to push back the cleaning of the voters list until 2017. And as for ROPA, I am pleased that you said it is only good for toilet tissue, because of a lack of an independent police department, and since you got your people placed in high places, the police has never done much to enforce ROPA on election day.


  • Free thinking people tend to recognize that Belize needs change, desperately, so you need to make sure the education system fails, and where it does work, it supports the existing tradition through mere rote learning, not critical, logical thought.

  • Establish clear limits of debate in the culture, and make sure those who go beyond the pale, are shut down by endless ridicule and debasement.

  • Harness the Herd Psychology, and guide it through the media to either identify with the issues you need in the forefront or distract them outright.

  • As far as large scale influence, you need to have the freedom to do whatever you want and to use the vast amounts of money you have access to, to influence both public opinion and your two political parties - PUDP - and their candidates. The lack of regulations for political parties, and especially campaign financing, ensures you will have free spending and manipulating.

  • Create the public illusion of public competition and choice, and gain as much control over the election process as possible. This way you block all interfering, pesky third parties.

  • Last but not least, the good old, time tested method of simply buying the election, and making sure you control and thus able to manipulate the ballots.

And so it goes, you, the head of the ruling, elite, ownership class in Belize, have successfully controlled and manipulated the people of Belize, via the political system, all the while, you and your family and friends got filthy rich, while those poor bastards stay poor and get to pick up the tab. Neat, ain't it? You successful restricted the interest of the majority and all you had to do was regulate their values, controlling resources through money, and the very process - elections - that exists to challenge you and your "system".

Some people will never believe you and your rich buddies are capable of doing such a thing. And that is good for you and your rich buddies. This process of manipulation is actually self-generating. Justified in a step-by-step manner with basic self-interest guiding the whole way.

You see, most people won't see the real problem. They think the corruption is you and your buddies meeting in some back-room making plans, when they don't even realize that the real problem resides in how they, the people, actually perpetuate, condone and support the very underlying system that oppress them. You get people poor and desperate, use money to manipulate the entire "system", and dish out money and other patronage during election, and boom, you got the whole thing on lock.

And there you have it Belizeans, how Belize has been controlled by the ruling, elite, ownership class going through pre and post independent Belize, to date.

Now that you know how you have been screwed over, what are you going to do to make sure that we obliterate this "system" and create one that works for all and depriving none?


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