PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Welcomes Dr. Louis Zabaneh"

Dr. Louis Zabaneh joins the Belize Progressive Party

Belmopan | April 17th, 2016


“BPP Welcomes Dr. Louis Zabaneh”

Your Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to announce the coming on board of renowned educator, economist and sustainable human development specialist, Dr. Louis Zabaneh. It is our distinct pleasure that Dr. Zabaneh has officially joined the BPP and shall contribute as the Sustainable Human Development Advisor to the Executive. Amid the variety of capacities in which he has served our nation, above all, the BPP welcomes and holds in high esteem, his unquestionable and unwavering commitment to making Belize a better place for all Belizeans. The BPP appreciates his progressive outlook and expertise that will contribute toward achieving our shared goal of developing our beloved nation in the most effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable fashion.

We invite all Belizeans to join us as we grow from strength to strength, fully ready to properly represent you as your next duly elected government.


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