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Death Trap

FOB Sarstoon - April 20, 2016

Death Trap

The Starstoon Base Is nothing but a disgrace? This structure was built in haste Just to save face Perhaps we'll wait until our soldier disappear without a trace Given the aggression at the border its unsafe? If I was a soldier I would never go to that place People trying to impress the populace to vote for them What the fuck is wrong with this shit-stem

You all seem to have forgotten Danny Conorquie Murdered is similar hostility Is this base temporary? What about the security Of our men in our military Perhaps the Coast Guard has some guarantee Since they are being funded by the Washington DC

I expected something fortified Something demonstrating defense Not something shabby and fragile With cement watch tower With two M 50 caliber and serious fire power To protect our soldiers From Guatemalan poachers

Being a former soldier Having patrolled the porous Belize Guatemalan border Where there are daily patrols from Guatemala Sarstoon is an Island; our soldiers will be in the open Who will be there to defend them? With Guatemalan gun boats passing regularly intimidating them What the fuck is wrong with this shit stem? Tension is so thick, one spark could cause a forest fire Guatemala is being sponsored by America Task to control the entire Latin and Central America Don’t forget about “Manifest Destiny “ warrior

I noh see no helipad Fi any helicopters we got from Taiwan These Guatemalans Have been intimidating our soldier since 2001 And beyond, with little or no response from Belmopan Belize took too long to internationalize this situation Appeasing, acquiescing and accommodating their hyenas Don’t think for one minute they would not sacrifice our soldier Leaving them out there in that death trap How long will they be able to hold out there? Before reinforce would be there?

By: Abdul Majeed K. Nunez

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