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BPP Responds: Young Guatemalan shot dead after illegal activities in Belize Chiquibul Forest

Clown President of Guatemala

The announcement by this "clown" comes as no surprise, because it is a manifestation of the idiot "professionals" who were supposedly "handling" matters on behalf of Belize.

Indeed, this is a serious matter and albeit, no joking matter, I classify it as actionable sabre-rattling to the extreme. Although an extremely uncomfortable situation, especially for our fellow Belizeans who live in and along the border, I feel confident that the Guatemalans will not cross the border.

Yet the issue at hand is that in their infinite wisdom, the likes of: Dean Barrow, Assad Shoman, Sedi Elrington and all the other nimwits who created a facilitating environment for such action, by signing on to the, once much vaunted Compromis, has placed Belize in a very precarious position, because what is our BORDER, has been (at least in their eyes) relegated to that of a so-called "adjacency zone". Therein lies the issue, because for certain the Guatemalans will feel entitled to utilise the full extent of that zone.

Therefore, in effect, we have a most tenuous situation. Guatemala is blatantly calling our bluff, as well as the international community's. They are pushing to see just how far they can go.

In keeping with what the BPP has been saying for ever-so-long, the time is NOW, to rescind the Compromis! There is absolutely no question about it. The Guatemalans have defied it on several occasions and due to the bipartisan PUDP's piss-poor "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE, they were given the proverbial pass. Following two iterations of the Compromis, this is where we stand.

Our Dimwit Belizean Leaders

The brain trust at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in conjunction with their Opposition counterparts have danced with the devil and now, their shortsightedness has come full-circle.

Rescind the Compromis, immediately contact the United Nations and start to work in the best interest of this nation! If, at this juncture, the negotiating team believes that Guatemala is our "peace partner", I certainly know of a bridge in Brooklyn, NY that I would love to sell them.

In all seriousness, Dean Barrow, as the leader of government, it is time to swallow your pride, admit that you underestimated the Guatemalan and their "neophyte" president and turn to what has been, since day one, the most prudent entity to mitigate this matter.

The time to save Belize is NOW! If you still need convincing, then there is absolutely no hope for you. Do the right thing Mr. Prime Minister or if you are not up to the task, tuck your tail and step down, so that someone who has an appropriate handle on the matter can do what is needed.

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Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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