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BPP: Saldivar and Faber Will Bring No Change to Party Politics

Paco Smith

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Over five hundred delegates will be involved in the selection of the next UDP Deputy Party Leader. Ministers Patrick Faber and John Saldivar have begun their campaign. While most anticipate the new Deputy Party leader, the Belize Progressive Party is not very impressed. Chairman of BPP, Paco Smith weighed in earlier today.


“At the BPP our perspective on the current UDP leadership or deputy leadership situation is one of, I don’t know if I should use the term ambivalence, because basically we realize that irrespective of which of the two gentlemen is successful it’s going to end up being the same of the same old thing, half a dozen of one six of the other. We don’t foresee any type of shift in terms of the policies or lack thereof that the UDP have put out for the past two administrations because we realize that in terms of the party system, that involving both the PUP and the UDP as we call them the PUDP it’s institutionalized. Whichever of those gentlemen proves successful we anticipate more of the same.”

Smith added that both the UDP and PUP are institutionalized and a new elected person will not make a difference.


“We look at things from a holistic sense and in terms of the leadership of the two major political parties, again I will reiterate the point that it’s institutionalized, it doesn’t matter who you stick in that particular post you are going to pretty much follow a rubric that has already been set. Here at the BPP we are more focusing on tuning the people, to some of the more salient issues such as the ICJ. Our position of not to the ICJ and the prescription that we put forward, things of that nature there is a lot going on in the country and within certain respects the current situation in the UDP, which I dare say could potentially be manufactured, may be part of an effort by the powers that be to distract the Belizean public from some of the more salient matters facing the nation.”


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